YES!  A good kind of change continues….

YES! A good kind of change continues….

A good kind of change continues in the world!

Remember that you need to C.A.R.E. for yourself first so that you can more effectively C.A.R.E. for others.  This does not need to be complicated, involve lots of money or be time-consuming.  Below are some simple ideas that can help with self-care; there are more suggestions available at  Take good C.A.R.E. of you……..small steps, big results!

CELEBRATE:  Write in a journal.  Use the journal to capture your “thoughts passing through”, your hopes and your dreams.  Writing things down strengthens your commitment to grow and/or change!

APPRECIATE:  Spend quality alone time with yourself. Learn to enjoy your own company.

RESPECT:  Make exercise a priority !  Get regular check-ups.  Practice “self care”.  Focus on the things you can change and improve.  This will help tremendously with not only your metabolism, but also your mood.

ENCOURAGE:  Put positive statements about yourself in places where you will see them everyday (ie mirrors, kitchen cupboards).  Read them everyday.  Sticky notes work well!

Wishing you a “beautifully, happy day”!

In friendship & partnership,


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