Tips & Truths in Trying Times: What have you discovered about yourself?

Tips & Truths in Trying Times: What have you discovered about yourself?

These are trippy, weird & confusing times we are ALL in.

What a couple weeks we had after our 14 day 100% total isolation.  We hadn’t left our condo at all – no walks, no going anywhere, no nothing.  And we made it……..and we DID NOT call it a prison.  Try to watch your wording – the things we think, say & do have an incredible power on our lives.  This picture is 100% pure joy on our faces on our 1st day out, walking to work.  Our kids said we looked like little kids on our 1st day of school.  There was something very extraordinary in something so ordinary and that’s really powerful, not to mention refreshing.

We had a week of ups & downs which included:

  • A little cry after the grocery store outing early in the week.  Am I doing this right?  Oh my gosh, feels so strange.  Maybe it will be okay if I don’t make eye contact with anyone.  Crap, my eyes are welling up.  Thank gosh I have a small list to keep me focused and distracted.  Okay, it’s okay.  I believe I am doing this right.  People are really being good about all this – we are all in this together.  Thank you grocery store workers, we all appreciate you.
  • A big meltdown after work Thursday.  And that’s okay too.  We all have to let it out or the “s” word, you know “stuff”, or things will fester and get gross and then come out at the most inopportune moment.  It’s an entire different way of doing business, of doing everything that was once so familiar and normal.  On top of that, there’s the occasional “what the#&*” moments of behavior from others. This time in the world is bringing out the best in most people and the “totally not so best” in a few.  There are learnings and lessons in everything.  Oh, and a solo dance party to a really good Nirvana song worked wonders!!
  • Witnessing the good-hearted people doing incredible good deeds, which far outnumber the few instances that brought on Thursday’s meltdown.  Incredible selfless, generous acts of kindness that make you pause and give thanks for all the “goodness” out there.  I strongly encourage you to pay attention to the “good” and say something about it – share it, comment on it, tell others about it, think it, be it and DO IT.
  • Being very aware and admitting that the lack of human connection is hard to deal with.  Most of us have been getting very creative at maintaining contact with friends, family and loved ones.  Phone calls (yes!), facetime, group video calls (that go on for hours), drive by waves & songs, sidewalk dance parties, vehicle parades, cheer & applause gatherings……I’m sure most of you have reached out to more people than you had in years lately.  But the actual human connection is something that is extremely difficult for me. I can’t wait to hug people, shake hands, pat someone on the back.  I wonder if some of those who didn’t need as much human connection are actually rethinking that?

In this stillness, there are also opportunities.  To learn new things, try new things (get creative), do some stuff you always said you never had time for.  I know for many of you, it includes cleaning out closets, cupboards, nooks/crannies, bins, boxes, drawers………what treasures have you found?  I came across a can of jackfruit which was buried at the back of our kitchen cupboard.  I tried getting creative and making some interesting “jack fruit crab cakes”.  That’s okay, I tried.  Been there – done that.

Some things have been put on hold/paused temporarily.  But not appreciation & gratitude, not the human spirit, not hope, not goodness & kindness, not laughter and definitely not nature.  I had the privilege of actually watching a magnolia tree bloom in front of my eyes outside our condo.  Petal by petal it bloomed.  What have you “seen” that you hadn’t noticed before?  I believe that most of us will come out of this whole experience different from when we went into it.

I am going to close this latest blog post with a bit of humour – remember that there is incredible healing power in laughter, even if you laugh at yourself.  You will recall our “time out fort” from my last post?  Well that bright idea totally backfired!  We actually both ended up in the “time out fort” so we made a couple of sangrias and a yummy pupu platter and enjoyed our time in the “time out fort”………we will let that story end there!



Thank you for reading this to the end and for keeping yourself and others safe.  Together we are so much stronger.   I hope you are discovering something about yourself during this time and I really hope you’ve experienced some moments of “extraordinary in the ordinary”.

In gratitude & kindness,