Tips & Truths in Trying Times: Week 2 of 100% Self-Isolation

Friendly & safe greetings to each and every one of you:

My husband and I are currently in Day 7 of total self-isolation.  We had been out of country so we are diligently following instructions.  Safety is of the utmost priority and WE ALL HAVE TO do our part, right!  We also have businesses so we are doing the best we can to work from home.  We are incredibly grateful for technology, amazing staff and being able to continue business in a modified capacity.  Everything changes daily.  One day at a time.

Speaking of home, ours is cozy.  Super cozy – and we love it.  It’s around 450 sq. ft. of furnished cozy awesomeness.  We sold almost everything we own long ago, 98.9% of everything I like to say.  We opted for a life of adventure, which meant we would go where the “opportunity” took us, which meant we certainly would need to get rid of the “S” word, you know “STUFF” (feel free to interpret accordingly).   So that we happily did and here we happily are!  Two people who are very used to working full time, keeping active and being involved in lots of “happenings”.  Currently two people who are going into week two of 100% self- isolation in approximately 450 sq. ft. of furnished and cozy awesomeness.  We’ve been married almost 37 years so we really know each other – the truths, the tricks, the tales, the triggers…..important things to know in temporary challenging times.

I have to honestly say that this has been a positive learning experience.  Thankful for a few key things (crap, I’m a libra and have a really hard time picking key things – the struggle is just really really real. I’m working on that. Wait, no I’m not.):

  1. We have a lanai (patio) that is super large & super awesome – HALLELUJAH.
  2. The weather has been incredible so we can enjoy the extra outdoor space – ANOTHER HALLELUJAH.
  3. We know the importance of humour and look for it/use it daily.
  4. We appreciate each other’s “uniqueness” – so yeah, we respect each other.
  5. We watch very little TV – haven’t for years (that’s another blog post).  So we are not depending on TV to pass the time.  We’ve been creative – like me restarting my blog.
  6. FACETIME with family/friends.  You will totally understand #3 when I share some of our Facetime stories and lovely screen captures.
  7. Amazing friends & neighbours who deliver to outside our door (we are 100% self-isolating).
  8. Mindfulness, wellness and stillness.
  9. Innovative ways to incorporate exercise.
  10. Eating healthy and wasting NOTHING.  I have such fun and innovative recipes……stay tuned.  This has been like a health camp! Well except for #9……all in moderation.
  11. We live in “wine country” and they are delivering for free!!

I have many other creative things we’ve incorporated into our daily routine that I’ll share over the next few weeks.  I’m sure that we, like many others, will be changed people when this is all said and done.  Lots of time for reflection, rethinking – almost like pressing reset.  I believe many of us needed to press reset.

Thank you for reading this to the end and for keeping yourself and others safe.  Together we are so much stronger.

In gratitude,

Special acknowledgement to my friend Eric Saperston from Live In Wonder ( for the thought provoking image. @liveinwonder