That Person is Someone……

That Person is Someone……

First of all, let me say that I do not regularly (if ever) write poetry!  So that is why when the following words suddenly appeared to me in the middle of the night on March 16, I was taken aback.  As I have mentioned in previous “awesome news” posts, I always have my journal with me so that I can capture ideas and “thoughts passing through”.  I sluggishly jotted down these words as quickly as I could in my incoherent state.  And then I fell back asleep…..


The next morning, I tried to wrap my head around what I had scribbled in my journal.  As many of you know, I am on a journey of creating hope and happiness in the world with my little grassroots movement, A Good & Kind Company.  I have been very vocal about the fact that we all need to care for ourselves (mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually) so that we can be better equipped to care for others.  Caring for ourselves is not selfish, it’s responsible.  And the awesome person that you are……is so totally worth it!


Each one of us has stories and situations that have made us who we are and brought us to this moment.  Be kind to yourself.  Know that you did the best you could, with what you knew and where you were.  You are full of opportunity; you have the power to choose your thoughts; you have the power to realize your dreams and you certainly can change your story!  You are someone.  Be kind to yourself and then get out there and share your unique awesomeness with a world that needs you more than ever.


What is one way that YOU care for YOURSELF?  This is a perfect opportunity to share resources on caring for ourselves.  And I am quite confident that your helpful suggestion may be exactly what another person needs to hear right now.


In friendship & gratitude,




PS:    I have had many, many people ask me…..what is it that you do, why do you do it, who are you doing it for, and you really left your full time job to do it?  I sincerely appreciate these questions and I am in the process of also writing an “awesome news” post to share my “story”….