“Take in” the gifts right in front of you.

“Take in” the gifts right in front of you.

We have been on the road for the past couple of weeks.  It has been a wonderful opportunity to spend quality time and create more great memories with family and friends.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, although we were away for a year, technology allows people to stay connected more than ever.  With tools such as facetime, what’s app, email, text, skype, zoom, etc, it was as though we were never away!  Distance does not need to be defined as a barrier as some people believe.


For the past few days, I have been staying with my grandma at her cute little apartment in a senior’s complex.  I have had riveting games of rummy with my mom and her, as we always do when we are together.  Grandma still wins but did say that I am smarter now since being in Hawaii – my scores are higher.  Finally!  All it took was some “aloha” I guess….


I have a lot of items on my growing “to do” list that need some attention very soon.  Those of you who are reading this and waiting for something from me can certainly confirm this is true.  For the time being, some of these things will have to wait.  Well actually, let me back up a bit and share something with you that inspired this post…..


A few days ago, I sat alone in a sunny spot of the common area at this complex and started to work on crossing off some of my “to do’s”.  I nestled in and set up my fortress with my computer and growing list.  The common area is a large room where socials and activities are held for the residents.  There are about 20 to 30 chairs scattered around this room.  Soon, one lovely resident sat right next to me and carried on a curious conversation.  I focused my attention on her and I started chuckling a few minutes later when 5 more ladies joined our “party”.  Well, it didn’t take me long to be excited by this opportunity and I shut down my computer and decided that my “to do” list was going to wait for another time.


For the next hour and a half I was entertained by a lively conversation; I was offered Hallowe’en Cheetos (how did they know Cheetos are one of my favourites?) and mini chocolate bars; we talked about the weather, the upcoming time change, trick or treaters, how awesome the weather would be for the trick or treaters, my upcoming hula demonstration the next day, the hula demonstration I had done for the residents in June, many things about Hawaii, digging out winter clothes, the Saskatchewan Roughriders (I was proudly wearing my jersey), my grandma and her family, which daughter of grandmas I belonged to and other cool stuff.  It was simple, beautiful and exactly perfect.


I am so grateful that I am able to be right here, right now and “take in” these gifts with friends and family these past few weeks.  I am grateful for the personal visits, and also for “phone visits”, “facetime visits”, emails, texts, “posts”, public messages, private messages and any “exchange” that maintains relationships and lets people know they matter.


Every visit, conversation and point of contact with others is an opportunity……to “take in” the gifts that are right in front of us. Be mindful, be present and process moments as opportunities to connect, learn and grow. What gift and memory is in front of you right now?  Can you see things differently?  Change the way you think about what’s right in front of you.  Then you will change the way you see things.  Then everything changes.

Here’s to celebrating parents and siblings, children, their spouses and precious grandchildren, friends who are like relatives, relatives who are friends, new connections, reconnections, future connections, online connections, “gifts” and growing “to do” lists.  Create memories, create moments, create positive change.


Together in the journey,



Special thanks to our wonderful son-in-law Adam for the beautiful picture of a Colorado sunrise that I used in my graphic.