You. Here. Now.

You are here …….in this moment of now.  


Wherever your here and now is, pause to reflect on your power to just let it be with all that makes you unique!  Use each one of your senses to embrace and live in the present moment.


Do your best to not allow the past to totally consume your mind or you will overlook the moment in time you now have.  Likewise, if you are fully living in the future and your mind is most often there – anticipating, hoping, wondering, worrying – you are not honouring the “now”. 


Slow down and tune in to “YOU. HERE. NOW”.  It is quite likely that you will see and experience life differently than you ever did before! 


To small & good kinda’ changes,


You. Here. Now.  Live it.  #live #now #life #youarehere #liveit (10)