Tips to help you keep goin’ and growin’ in your journey….

Have any of you noticed how many people are struggling right now?  Whether it’s dealing with challenges, obstacles, frustration, feeling stuck, financial hardship, anger, regret….you name it.  I have noticed.  I have faced a lot of these things too.  You’ve no doubt heard the saying that when one of us hurts, we all hurt.


I’ve had to learn some hard lessons.  I’ve written a lot about celebrating the contrast; we cannot appreciate light without darkness, joy without sorrow, success without failure.  We cannot fix everything or everyone.  At some point in our lives we all make poor choices and decisions and experience “shoulda/woulda/coulda” moments.  We question some relationships and ponder over people’s behaviors.  WHY?  WHY?  WHY!!!

We all have a lot in common don’t we?  Once we engage in honest and authentic conversations with people, we realize how very much alike we are.  We are definitely not alone and that it comforting.  I have discovered some things (FREE things!) that have significantly helped me and continue to help me as I navigate along and make the best of my journey.  Here is what I have learned:


  1. We can always learn and grow.  We all stumble, we all fall.  Never stop improving yourself.  EVER.
  2. We have control over something powerful……our thoughts, our words, our actions and our reactions.  Choose wisely and carefully.
  3. Everyone is doing the best they can with what they know and where they are.  Think about that.  We are all together in this journey, YES, but we are all unique.  Do not judge.  Respect one another.
  4. Optimism and gratitude are game-changers and create magic & miracles in transforming our lives.
  5. People are craving to be noticed.  A smile, a gesture, a sincere “hello” can change someone’s day or future.  Again, we cannot fix everything or everyone but we can influence hope and connection with kindness and compassion.   Even to those who we may think deserve it the least.  Again, refer to #3.
  6. People change, relationships change, it’s okay.  Celebrate the good memories, learn from the not so good, bless everyone and carry on.  Regret and resentment serves no one and takes up space in our heads.  Put a reserved sign on that valuable parking spot for goodness and growth.
  7. Celebrate the contrast!  Learn from mistakes and challenges, go forward the best you can through obstacles, grow, be better, be stronger.
  8. Trying new things adds major fun, whimsy and excitement to life.  Take that class, join that group, volunteer for that organization who needs you, learn that instrument, dance in your kitchen, wave to random people, sing in the grocery store… get the picture!
  9. Keep dreaming BIG, keep believing BIGGER, and by all means take action (BIGGEST) or that dream forever stays in your head.  Even if things do not go as planned, you tried and you will without a doubt……learn, grow and know!


Your journey.  The story of YOU!


In celebration, joy and love,



PS – YOU are definitely not alone….


We all need something good to believe in.

We all need something good to believe in.  Something that gives us hope and joy.


Whether you believe in god, unicorns, angels, miracles, Santa, the goodness of humanity, the Tooth Fairy, a divine being, the Easter Bunny, magic, infinite spirit, fairies and pixie dust, prayer, the power of kindness, superheroes, a universal life force or a combination of any of these or others, we all need something good to believe in.

This past week while many of us were celebrating the Christmas season with family and friends, the young son of a friend of mine in New Zealand was fighting for his life after a near drowning incident.  Hundreds of us from around the world joined together as a community and sent prayers, healing and light to baby Eli and the family.  Most of us have never physically met but we all connected in a higher purpose and for the greater good.  We may not have been able to “see” but we certainly “felt” the powerful collective energy we were all sending.  Baby Eli is truly a miracle and we all continue to send blessings to him and the family.


Believe in something that builds up the human spirit, connects people in kindness and compassion, sends out joy into the world, and makes hope possible.


Believe and then be the change my friends.


Together in taking action for good changes,


Read about the miracle of Eli (#EliTheWarrior) and how you can help the family by clicking the link below:

You can choose this!

Consider how awesome it is that at any moment, we can choose our thoughts, our words, our actions, our reactions, our attitudes, our opinions.  Do feelings, emotions and beliefs affect these choices?  Absolutely!  Don’t deny what you are feeling – EVER.  Suppressed feelings will eventually come out one way or another – and not usually how we want (or expect).

Learning to have awareness, to recognize how we are feeling is a huge step in being able to better manage our personal situations.  It provides us with an opportunity to step back, reflect, make a choice and take action, whether that action is to change something or not.



“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

-Wayne Dyer


We all have stories; we all face challenges and triumphs; we all experience our own version of sadness, joy, fear and happiness; we all need to be celebrated, appreciated, respected and encouraged.  Although we are each on our separate paths, we are really together in the journey.  Let’s do our best to make it wonder(full) for ourselves and each other.


To choices of love and peace,


Celebrating Global Infinite Possibilities Day. Start with love….

Today, August 8, 2015 has been declared Global Infinite Possibilities Day!  In the words of the inspiring Mike Dooley ( and his incredible team who gave this vision “wings”: 


“August 8 is a day of double 8’s. Just imagine the possibilities on a day with two infinity signs in it! Let’s do something fun and flood the web with wonderful insights, goals and dreams, and images that represent infinite possibilities in your life! This is a time to breathe fresh, positive energy and desires into the world.”


I had the privilege of taking 2 courses from Mike Dooley over the past 2 years:  Playing the Matrix and Infinite Possibilities – The Art of Living Your Dreams.  I became a certified trainer at the Infinite Possibilities training in Boston and that was most certainly a huge step in my personal transformation.  Although I was on a path of self-discovery and had visions, dreams and goals, this event validated that I was indeed on the right path.  Let me be clear and transparent, I have lived a life of ups and downs, I have felt stuck, I have wondered what my path was, my purpose, had an “is this all there is” mentality, made some poor choices and decisions, didn’t speak when I should have, didn’t act when I should have, coulda/woulda/shoulda – UGH.  But when I look back, I was definitely more happy than I was sad, I was certainly more optimistic than I was pessimistic, I had a unbelievable support system of loving family & friends, I definitely danced when and where I wanted, I fought through fear to reach goals, I felt gratitude more than I felt entitlement, I valued kindness more than judgement, yeah I think I did okay.  Would you like to know the biggest epiphany for me?  Once I discovered to truly love me, things really changed.  This may sound selfish, but it’s SO necessary.   


When you love yourself………your experiences, your relationship with others, and your life changes.


I have tapped into me and I feel more alive than ever.  I want to show others that it’s possible to follow your dreams, despite your age, your current situation, what other’s tell you. what you feel is expected of you or what you have gone through.  I want to notice people.  I want to have conversations with people.  I want to inspire and teach other’s how to tap into themselves and to be brave and to trust in their journey.  These practices have made it easier for me to deal with any challenges that come my way and we all know…….they are still going to come our way!  As it has been said, there are only 2 places of being “love or fear”.  I choose love.  I love me and when I do that, that love goes out to you.  Then it goes out into a world that needs it more than ever and it comes back to each one of us in incredible ways.  Just like the infinity sign!  Please love yourself.


One fear that I have faced is I have joined Toastmasters.  Now if you would have asked me a year ago about joining I would have quickly said, “no, that’s okay” with BIG EYES (and sweaty palms)!  It was Mike and Andy Dooley who encouraged all of us Infinite Possibility trainers to join Toastmasters.  Even back then in Boston, I said to myself “no, that’s okay”!   This is just one example of a fear I have faced and I have lived most of my life with limiting beliefs.  But overcoming this one has been a “biggee” for me and guess what the ripple effect of facing this fear is?  I am going to start holding *C.A.R.E. TM Shops that are based on the Infinite Possibilities principles.  Yep, I am.  This fall, I am going to start doing that.  I am going to share stories, I am going to speak with confidence, I am going to mess up and know that it’s okay, we are going to laugh, dance, have fun, reflect, break down barriers, talk about beliefs, talk about dreams and taking action on those dreams, no matter how big or how small they are.  We are going to ride the wave of infinite possibilities like rock stars.  And in the end, there will be glitter fireworks (still working this small detail out) wrapping us all in hope, love and happiness!  Stay tuned for tour dates.


What are your dreams and desires?  What limiting beliefs or fears do you have in regards to reaching those goals? 


This may be my journey but my journey is your journey.  I want you to know that although I choose love, fear still creeps up on me with thoughts of ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I have nothing to say’, ‘I am going to be embarrassed’, ‘I MIGHT FAIL’.  That’s okay.  I acknowledge those feelings (which until recently, paralyzed me), send them on their way and celebrate that I never thought I would write, design graphics, teach a dance class, take hula lessons, finish post-secondary school 20 years later, still be able to do the splits (true story – haha!), become a Certified Laughter Leader, become an Infinite Possibilities trainer and I certainly never thought I would be brave enough to speak publicly.  But when I look back, the signs were all there.  At my *C.A.R.E.TM Shops I will talk about how the universe sent me loving signs until I paid attention.  The signs are there for you too. 


I celebrate you.  Start with love.    


Yours in infinite possibilities,



*C.A.R.E. TM = Celebrate, Appreciate, Respect, Encourage


Simple coping techniques to deal with life’s challenges!

Yep, we all face challenges…..every single one of us.  Although we may feel lost during these times, our challenges connect us as human beings.  You are certainly not alone. 


When we are in the midst of a crisis, a hardship or an obstacle, we can feel very isolated, very afraid and very frustrated.  In a busy world that presents us with an overload of help and healing strategies, it can be overwhelming to find our way or sift through solutions in a rational way (at least, initially). 


I am going to provide you with some simple suggestions that

have helped me and many people close to me cope with challenges.


Even those who appear to have “everything”, are always happy, got it going on, and riding the wave of awesome have problems.  No one is immune from something coming their way that is unexpectedly challenging!  I’m sure that either you or someone you know has faced at least one and possibly several of these situations:  relationship problems, insecurity issues, financial trouble, health challenges, feeling stuck, looking for purpose, work overload, frustration with career or lack of, regret, anger, resentment, loss of loved one, fear of what others think, depression, substance abuse, lack of motivation, fear of change, fear of staying the same, growing older, not growing up quick enough, kids leaving home, kids coming back home, losing possessions, having too many possessions.  Just to name a few!


Quite often, small and simple changes can help us to find our way.  Here are some suggestions that have helped me and many people close to me cope with our own challenges/situations/roadblocks/issues:


  • Allow yourself to experience the emotions, feelings and thoughts associated with the challenge you are having. Don’t suppress or hide them…….because they will come out at some point.  Honour and respect how you are feeling.
  • Reach out to someone you can trust. Even if it’s just so that you can talk, vent or have your voice heard.  Let that person know that it’s okay for them to just listen and that you need a sounding board. 
  • If you are looking for advice or to brainstorm with someone, reach out for that purpose as well. Again, someone you can trust.  There may be people who unexpectedly reach out to you to provide comfort, or to listen or to be there for you – if it feels right, let them in!
  • Be upfront with people who do not have your best interest at heart or who are abrasive, non-comforting or when things “feel off”. Trust your judgement.
  • Allow yourself to be in a quiet place, outdoors in nature is best. Just be still, let whatever thoughts float through your mind to just come in and out, silence can be very healing.  If you are indoors, limit distractions (TV, social media, etc) so that you can experience stillness.  If music helps, let the tunes sooth your soul. 
  • Pay attention to your breathing. Deep, deliberate and slow.  Be mindful of the in and out breaths – “in” with “clarity & light”, “out” with “confusion & darkness”.
  • Sometimes, taking one day at a time is best. It may be over-whelming to make long term plans or have a strict timeline depending on the challenge you are facing. 
  • Celebrate your progress or accomplishments at moving forward, however small it may seem – please do this! Even if you are taking the “one day at time” approach. CELEBRATE & ACKNOWLEDGE!
  • Appreciate the people you have in your life, those who support you, encourage you and want to be in your circle of healing and support.
  • Write in a journal – your feelings, your emotions. Just let the words flow – don’t worry about it making sense.  Carry it with you to capture your thoughts passing through, especially when you don’t feel like talking to anyone or when there is no one around for you to talk to.  Writing in a journal is very therapeutic.
  • Exercise or get active however you can: walk, skip, run, hike, cartwheel, QiGong, somersault, dance, yoga, hula, hula hoop, pick your own favourite!
  • Visualize your situation differently – how that feels, how it sounds, how it looks…….everything about it. Just visualize, dream, believe (whichever word resonates best with you).  Visualize regularly and then take action.  Taking action may include really small steps, just take action regardless.
  • Do not judge anyone and how they are handling their life situations, just as you would not want someone to judge you. We all react differently, we all have different support systems, we all are on this journey together – BE KIND.
  • Access books, podcasts, websites, webinars, counsellors, etc that provide you with direction and guidance. Many of these resources are “FREE”!
  • You may find that some of the people who want to support you have the same or similar issue facing them. You may also find that you are offering support to another person.  You may just find that as you support and encourage this other person, that you have found the way to effectively handle your own challenge.  Yes, life can work in miraculous and magical ways.
  • PS – hugs work wonders!


Some challenges are very serious and require the expertise of trained professionals.  Please ensure that you reach out and get the support you need in a timely manner.  They are there to help you!


I thank you in advance for sharing this article and I hope that something I have mentioned helps you or someone you care about. 


As always…..together in the journey,