August 8 is Global Infinite Possibilities Day. Start with love!

Today, August 8, 2016 has been declared Global Infinite Possibilities Day!  In the words of the inspiring Mike Dooley ( and his incredible team who gave this vision “wings”:


“August 8 is a day of double 8’s. Just imagine the possibilities on a day with two infinity signs in it! Let’s do something fun and flood the web with wonderful insights, goals and dreams, and images that represent infinite possibilities in your life! This is a time to breathe fresh, positive energy and desires into the world.”


I had the privilege of taking 2 courses from Mike Dooley over the past 3 years:  Playing the Matrix and Infinite Possibilities – The Art of Living Your Dreams.  I became a certified trainer at the Infinite Possibilities training in Boston in 2014 and that was most certainly a huge step in my personal transformation.  Although I was on a path of self-discovery and had visions, dreams and goals, this event validated that I was indeed on the right path.  Let me be clear and transparent, I have lived a life of ups and downs, I have felt stuck, I have wondered what my path was, my purpose, had an “is this all there is” mentality, made some poor choices and decisions, didn’t speak when I should have, didn’t act when I should have, coulda/woulda/shoulda – UGH.  But when I look back, I was definitely more happy than I was sad, I was certainly more optimistic than I was pessimistic, I had a unbelievable support system of loving family & friends, I definitely danced when and where I wanted, I fought through fear to reach goals, I felt gratitude more than I felt entitlement, I valued kindness more than judgement, yeah I think I did okay.  Would you like to know the biggest epiphany for me?  Once I discovered to truly love me, things really changed.  This may sound selfish, but it’s SO necessary.


When you love yourself………your experiences, your relationship with others, and your life changes.


I have tapped into me and I feel more alive than ever.  I want to show others that it’s possible to follow your dreams, despite your age, your current situation, what others tell you, what you feel is expected of you or what you have gone through.  I want to notice people.  I want to have conversations with people.  I want to inspire and teach other’s how to tap into themselves and to be brave and to trust in their journey.  These practices have made it easier for me to deal with any challenges that come my way and we all know…….they are still going to come our way!  As it has been said, there are only 2 places of being “love or fear”.  I choose love.  I love me and when I do that, that love goes out to you.  Then it goes out into a world that needs it more than ever and it comes back to each one of us in incredible ways.  Just like the infinity sign!  Please love yourself.


One fear that I have faced is I have joined Toastmasters.  It was Mike and Andy Dooley who encouraged all of us Infinite Possibility trainers to join Toastmasters.  Even back then in Boston, I said to myself “no, that’s okay”!   This is just one example of a fear I have faced and I have lived most of my life with limiting beliefs.


What are your dreams and desires?  What limiting beliefs or fears do you have in regards to reaching those goals? 

I have heard so many inspiring stories lately of people who are facing their fears, bashing their limiting beliefs and truly “living”.  I’m inspired by each and every one of you.  You know who you are…………..those who encourage children to take their shoes off and dance in the rain, those who go back to school for 6 years at age 57 to fulfill a dream of teaching music, those who start a new job at a lower pay to have a new beginning, those who absolutely start over with their head held high, those who help the under-privileged, those who nurture the ill, those who spend quality time with the elderly, those who spend quality time mentoring children, those who speak their truth, those who freely give love to all, those who finally decide they are worth a better life, those who reach to out to mend relationships, those who disconnect from unhealthy relationships, those who maintain long-term friendships, those who dedicate their time to raising beautiful and loving children, those who work long hours to provide, those who radiate optimism and hope, those who sprinkle kindness everywhere, those who choose to forgive so they may have peace, those who change their eating habits, those who change their unhealthy habits, those who truly “show up”, those who truly “notice” others, those who are patient with people who are struggling, those who treat employees with respect and gratitude, those who have fun at work, those who lead with integrity and compassion, those who share their stories of challenge and opportunity so others may learn and grow, those who believe in “good”, those who share the “good”, those who are the “good”.  I thank each and every one of you.


This may be my journey but my journey is your journey.  I want you to know that although I choose love, fear still creeps up on me with thoughts of ‘I can’t do this’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘I have nothing to say’, ‘I am going to be embarrassed’, ‘I MIGHT FAIL’.  That’s okay.  I acknowledge those feelings (which until recently, paralyzed me), send them on their way and celebrate that I never thought I would write, design graphics, teach a dance class, take hula lessons, finish post-secondary school 20 years later, still be able to do the splits (true story – haha!), become a Certified Laughter Leader, become an Infinite Possibilities trainer and I certainly never thought I would be brave enough to speak publicly.  But when I look back, the signs were all there.  The universe sent me loving signs until I paid attention.  The signs are there for you too.


I celebrate you.  Start with love.


Yours in infinite possibilities,