It’s a Wonder(full) Life!

I love the word WONDER(FULL).  

I created this fun change to the word “wonderful” not so long ago (yes indeed, another middle of the night epiphany!)


Wonder(full) – full of wonder.  How can we not be filled with wonder when we look at and experience the magic that surrounds us every day?  We can be quick to forget this when we are going through stressful circumstances.  Situations such as our job (or lack of), relationships, finances, regret, anxiety, over-extending ourselves, health, school, purpose, and all the other challenges that may come our way during life.  Trust me, I get it – I truly do.  I have personally experienced almost everything I have listed above!


Sure we can’t be or feel “wonderful” everyday, but we can certainly be full of wonder everyday.  Simply pause, take some deep breaths and look around you.  What haven’t you noticed before?  Be curious.  Can you see things differently?  Be passion-filled.  Can you make a small change?  Be brave and confident.  Just allow yourself to experience a few peaceful moments of gratitude.  This won’t eliminate difficult situations, but being full of wonder sure makes it all easier to handle.  And that’s a big step towards change and happiness.


As we groove into summer…….the warmer weather and longer days, we are definitely “wowed” by wonder(full).  Fresh mornings with a nice warm coffee, amazing lake days, visiting around the camp fires, last minute barbecues with anyone who can join in, road trips with the windows open, flip flops and ball caps, warm fragrant breezes, camping and enjoying the beauty of nature, evening walks with friendly greetings along the way, the lush and bountiful gardens, the breath-taking sunsets, the stunning colours of summer blooms, fishing with great friends and singing those awesome summer songs like a rock star (well, I do that and I’m sure you do too!)


Never lose your sense of wonder and remember that it’s absolutely never too late to live the wonder(full) life you deserve.


Yours in wonder & possibility,


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P.S.      A bit of trivia about me…..coincidentally “It’s A Wonderful Life”, the classic film produced and directed by Frank Capra is my favourite movie!


P.P.S    I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to Eric Saperston from Live In Wonder!  I had the privilege of meeting the amazing Eric a few years ago and I highly recommend his book “Live in Wonder”.  I believe that you will find his Live In Wonder project to be quite inspiring, just as I do.  Check it out at