What do you “represent”?

Many of you know that we have spent the past year living in Hawaii.  This was a positive life changing experience for us in ways that were so unexpected.  I have started to write a book where I will share the stories of our journey and personal growth there.


We chose to take the opportunity while we were there to immerse ourselves as much as possible into the Hawaiian culture and the way of “aloha”.  This choice brought many amazing and inspirational people into our paths and one of them in particular inspired this article.

This friend was talking to us about the word “represent”.  In Hawaii, it is said that you “represent” when you are a good ambassador for the Hawaiian Islands, you stand up for what it good and righteous, you respect the people, the culture, the land, the environment, you live in peace and love, and of course, in aloha.  This beautiful conversation with him made me think deeper about the word “represent” and what it means to me, hopefully to you and to all of humanity.


What do you “represent”?


  • Do you represent kindness or selfishness?
  • Do you represent compassion or judgement?
  • Do you represent love or hatred?
  • Do you represent optimism or pessimism?
  • Do you represent hope or doubt?
  • Do you represent understanding, learning, growing, improving?
  • Do you represent joy or bitterness?
  • Do you represent equality or difference?
  • Do you represent forgiveness or blame?
  • Do you represent peace or discord?
  • Do you represent happiness or despair?
  • Do you represent believing or denial?
  • Do you represent respect or criticism?
  • Do you represent appreciation or disregard?


We all have a choice about what we “represent”.  What we are known for, how people feel when they are around us, how people react to us, our behaviour, our habits, our “essence”.


Creating positive change starts with ourselves first, it always has. 


We can do this through our thoughts, our words and our actions.  Do the best you can with where you are in your life right now – it’s never too late.  The powerful (and magical!) thing is that once you choose to create positive change and “represent” in your own life, you will inspire others to do the same.  Then I believe this world will be a much better place for all of us.


These are exciting times my friend and I celebrate YOU!


Together in the journey,