The launch of “LIVE ALOHA”!!!

This is it folks…… is truly happening!!


My husband Rob, my sister Lorie and I have joined together and we are ready (as ready as we can be) to launch a business!  In fact, as I type this marketing has begun.  Yes, these are exciting times and the journey to this point has been interesting to say the least.  We are 3 optimistic people who believe in the power of making our dreams come true and inspiring others to do the same.  We are following our passion of making the world a better place, of spreading a message of kindness, love & hope.  We are living aloha.


Our business is called Live Aloha!  Our mission is to spread the positive message of aloha globally.  We are doing this through lifestyle products that promote this as well as through events, stories and whatever method we find to “get it out there” (this may or may not involve random dance parties)!

Aloha is one of the most beautiful and powerful words in the world:

Aloha is a Hawaiian word typically associated with greeting another person with hello or good-bye. The literal meaning of aloha is “the presence of breath” or “the breath of life.” It comes from “Alo,” meaning presence, front and face, and “ha,” meaning breath. It also has a deeper impact on the Hawaiian culture. For the Hawaiians, it is “The Aloha Spirit” – a unique way of living, the ultimate lifestyle, and the secret to a full and happy life.


Aloha is not only a word, it is a way of living, an attitude and expresses guidelines

to help us in our lives – kindness, patience, compassion, respect, togetherness,

affection, empathy, peace, & love.


Aloha means we are able to recognize and appreciate the uniqueness and differences each of us bring into this world. Honor and respect your family, friends, and all the people who pass through your life. Every point of contact with another person teaches us something about life or about ourselves.  Aloha does not pass judgement on others for it always trusts, always hopes and always protects.


It is that aloha, caring and spirituality that allows us to build on each others strengths and join together on this magnificent journey we call “Life”.


We are choosing to live aloha and here’s why:


There are plenty of reasons to be frustrated with the state of the world and life right now.  And there are many people focusing on what’s wrong, what will go wrong and living a fear based life as a result of this.  This mindset perpetuates all facets of people’s experiences and affects thoughts, words and actions.  So the cycle continues.  We are choosing to spread a movement and way of life to change this for ourselves and others. 


My husband Rob and I have shared in plenty of experiences during their 34 year adventure together.  Opportunities/challenges, joy/sadness, happiness/heartache, learning/growing, happiness/frustration, abundance/setbacks, things that most people can certainly relate to.  Through everything, we choose to live a life of optimism, of wonder and of believing that goodness prevails.  Our travels have taken us to the Hawaiian Islands several times and we were instantly captivated by not only the beauty but of the mana (energy) that exists.  This mana, the kindness of the people and the breath-taking beauty of this magical place brought us back many times.  We had the privilege of living and working in Hawaii for a year and we made a commitment to submerge ourselves into the culture to gain a deeper understanding of the people and history of Hawaii.  It was then that we discovered the beauty of “living aloha”.  We volunteered; we networked with the locals; I joined Halau Kiuwailehua (hula studio); we supported local businesses, met the hardworking owners and learned of their stories; we went where the locals went; I joined Toastmasters; Rob learned about Hawaiian business; we gained knowledge, understanding and compassion of the Hawaiian history and way of life.


Lorie is an entrepreneur at heart who has impacted many with her grace and generosity.  She honors her own stories, experiences and personal growth which have propelled her to new heights of learning.  This new level of learning has excelled Lorie’s skills in business by promoting positive experience in business.  Lorie shares in the passion of “living aloha” and spreading this message globally to create positive change in a world that needs it more than ever.


There are plenty of reasons to be hopeful with the state of the world and life right now.  There are many people focusing on what’s good, what will go right and living a love based life as a result of this.  This mindset perpetuates all facets of people’s experiences and affects thoughts, words and actions.  So the cycle continues.  We are choosing to spread a movement and way of life to continue this for ourselves and others.  We are choosing to live aloha!


How we are going to do this:

Rob, Lorie and I each have unique talents and gifts, just as everyone on this world of wonder does.  Joining together to “be and do more” is exciting and believing that we can make a good difference in people’s lives is even more exciting.  Together the three of us will spread the beautiful and powerful message of “Live Aloha” globally, wherever people are, through merchandise, stories, adventures and positive actions.


The ripple effect of aloha:

Its deep meaning starts by teaching ourselves to love our own beings first and afterwards to spread the love to others.


A life of Aloha is one when the heart is so full that it has the power to influence others around you with your spirit. The best part of Aloha is that the more you express your love and compassion for yourself and those around you, the more it comes back to you.


Use the word aloha with a pure heart and good intention.
Be guided by aloha and make good choices.
Live aloha wherever you are!


Yes, these are exciting times.  As I have mentioned many, many times, a dream forever stays in your head and heart until you take action on it.  I have also mentioned many, many times that it is never too late to launch that business, take that class, join that club, learn something new, do something brave, live out loud, wander and wonder.  Things may not go exactly as you envisioned, but I guarantee you will learn something valuable, you will come out ahead and you just might find that it is the best decision you have ever made!


Go on a check us out at (for all of our Canadian friends and family) and (for all of our global friends and family).  Follow us on Instagram @livealohaco (we love instagram).  Follow us on Facebook @livealoha (getting better at this).  Look for our “Live Aloha” party bus coming through your area in the near future where there will be bubbles, dancing, rockin’ Live Aloha merchandise so you can “wear good, spread good, live good”, probably some glitter, but most of all a whole lotta LOVE!


With aloha,

Caron, Rob and Lorie

The Red Sweater. A true and inspiring story……60 years later!

In the mid 1950’s my mom, Betty left her family home in Saskatchewan and ventured east to Montreal to live with her grandma, work and experience life.  I’m sure it was quite the contrast to her life and upbringing on the prairies of rural Saskatchewan.


She left several younger siblings back at home and one of them was her sister Irene.  In her best attempt at spelling and printing, Irene wrote my mom a letter thanking her for a gift and a letter she had sent.  How exciting it must have been for Irene to receive something in the mail all the way from Montreal!  In this letter, she also asked my mom for a red sweater with buttons down the front for her next gift.  As the story goes, my mom saved all her money she made from working to buy her mom and dad their first “refrigerator” which I’m sure was very exciting and incredibly appreciated.


My mom kept Irene’s letter all these years.  For Irene’s birthday this past December, my mom sent her a special gift.  There was a copy of Irene’s letter along with a beautiful red sweater with of course, buttons down the front.  Mom told Irene she couldn’t remember if she ever did send her one!


There were lots of tears and memories from this gesture.

This story is such a reminder of kindness, love and all the goodness in life that makes us feel grateful and happy.  Taking the time to bring joy to another person carries with it a ripple effect that inspires many others, ourselves included.  I encourage each one of you to keep spreading the kindness and love to others however you can, wherever you are and be a part of making this world a better place.


Here’s to friends, family, awesome stories and goodness!


With aloha,


FLOWER POWER…….something to celebrate!

Welcome to Flower Power where the saying goes:  “Wear happy, share happy, be happy”.  Simple as that.  These happiness blooms are created with love and aloha by me!

For many years now, I have worn a flower in my hair.  Funny thing is that I am from the prairies in Canada and regularly started wearing a flower in my hair in the winter after a tropical holiday we took.  Totally non-typical and out of place.  I think that’s what I liked about it……it made me feel happy and reminded me that it truly is a good life, wherever you are!


I would get many comments from people when they saw me still wearing a flower months later.  I rarely went out in public without it.  The flower continued to make me feel grateful and happy, and I know it made other people feel happy too.  It’s at the point now where if I’m not wearing my flower, people who know me will ask if there is something wrong.  It’s as second nature to me as brushing my teeth and having random dance parties.


So this is where things get fun.  I have decided to share the happiness.  Cuz like who made the rule that says you should only wear a flower when you’re on a tropical holiday?  That rule totally needs to be broken!!


Each flower is on a clip so you can put them in your hair, on your hat, on your cat, on your headband, on your lapel, on your lampshade, or whatever flips your clip!  They are $12 Cdn (taxes in) plus shipping and packaged up all special and fun.  I have a large selection of sizes and colors depending on what flowers are available and make me stop in my tracks with stars in my eyes.  Oh and because you are so special and unique and awesome, each flower also includes a handwritten message of aloha just for YOU.  Baby, you’re worth it!


To order “A Happiness Flower” go to my website Projects/Flower Power.
There is information and a link for you there.  You’ll also see me out and about at markets, swap meets, craft shows, festivals, parties, parades and maybe one day, in my “happiness bus”.  Yeah, that is so going to happen!


Make sure you join my mailing list on the home page of my website so you will be updated of new merchandise launches and other “fun and happy” happenings.


Happiness.  Positively!  (Let’s keep this movement “moving” my friends….)


With aloha,


Ps.  I am sooooo excited to tell you that I am bringing in a huge assortment of tropical flowers from Hawaii and I will post pictures to let you know when those are available!

Celebrating moments that turn into awesomeness….

Some moments turn out way more awesome than we can imagine.


Fun things are fun!  Laughter is contagious!!  No permission needed for whimsy!!!  Some moments turn into unexpected awesomeness.  This was one of those times……


Laughter, fun and whimsy connect us as human beings, keep us YOUNG, release stress, build relationships and create all sorts of wonderful magic in our lives. 


I was recently visiting my mom and grandma before a speaking event in Saskatchewan.  Mom and I try our best to meet at grandmas as often as we can (we all live in different communities).  Our get-togethers most often involve catching up, sharing in meals, a few interesting games of rummy (guess who wins most often?), a lot of laughs, a little bit of mischief, some naptime and simply sharing in our time together.


I decided we should all sport “a good life” shirt a get a 3 generation picture.  What happened next is something I can’t explain exactly.  You can see from the progression of pictures that it was an absolute explosion of uncontrollable laughter between my mom and grandma.  I decided to capture a few pictures of them in action before sneaking in behind them to get in on the fun!!  Thanks to my aunt Renee who was visiting for taking the group photos.  It certainly took a while for us to be able to compose ourselves and say “cheese”!

This was one of those moments that we will all remember for a long, long time.  Laughing until we cry, feeling the joy, celebrating being together and simply living “a good life”.


Celebrate on my friends,



Woooohoooo!  My 1st launch of “A Good Life” shirts are sold out!!  Thank you to everyone who purchased one.  The 2nd edition (new design and sizes) will be available very soon.  You can sign up to be on my email list on my website ( to receive updates on products and other fun stuff!

“Wonderful feeling. Wonderful day!”

My, oh my, what a wonderful day……

I love all things Disney.  Anyone who knows our family would confirm we are all huge Disney fans.  We’ve made many tours to Disneyland with not only our own kids but as they got older, with as many of their friends who would fit in our vehicle.  The record was 9 of us!  This will be the subject of another blog post one day……our adventures down to Disneyland.


For the purpose of today though, I want to focus on making today a “zip-a-dee-doo-dah” wonderful day.  I love this catchy tune from the Disney 1946 love action and animated movie Song of the South, sung by James Baskett.  For those of you who have been on the awesome ride “Splash Mountain” in Disneyland would recognize this song which plays towards the end of your journey on the water.  Love Love Love!  It’s fun, it’s whimsical, it’s catchy, it’s happy, it’s simple.


Wherever you are, whatever you do, try your best to make today a “zip-a-dee-doo-dah” wonderful day.  Quite often this is just a choice to see things differently, to think differently or to feel differently despite your current situation.  What if today, you made that choice?  What if today, you focused on the “good”, on gratitude, on the simple gifts in the world?  Such as “sunshine headed your way”.  What if today, you helped someone else have a wonderful day?  What if today, a song came out every time you opened your mouth?  Yes my friends, I believe we need more of that.


Today’s the day.  Wonderful feeling…..Wonderful day!


To today, choices and sunshine,


“To do” today! Anyone wanna join me?

I try my best everyday to do my “to do” list (this is a real tongue twister)!  There are a few daily practices that have turned into wonderful habits when I wrote them down and became consciously aware of taking action on them.  The awesome part is how transforming this has been for my life.  So much so that I have to share this powerful stuff with YOU.


I have a standard “to do” list and I add other interesting and fun stuff to it as necessary (such as get groceries, shovel snow, pay bills, get a tooth pulled, etc).  I admit, I’m a list person.  It works for me and I know, the more we use lists the more we depend on them but it’s just the way I roll.

The items that are part of my daily ritual “to do” include:

  • Wake up, get up, show up
  • Do some “good” (for myself, for others, for the world)
  • Be kind (to myself and others)
  • Practice gratitude
  • Choose happiness
  • Oh, and the occasional cartwheel, spontaneous dance or “joy jumpin” move!



I hope that you are incorporating these life-changing practices into your daily life.  Write them down, say them, choose them, live them, believe them……let this be the way we all rock and roll!  Every single one of us has different stories, challenges, dreams and goals.  We all have “off” days and “on” days.  Every. single. one. of. us.  And that’s okay.  Try your best to do whatever you can in your current situation.  I’m sure that you will find your life positively impacted as these become habits; not to mention the positive impact you will make on the lives of others.  Oh, and here’s an added bonus, these “to do woooo hoooo hoooos” are FREE (I bet you wanna join me now)!


So get out there and shine your fanflippintastic awesomeness in a world that needs you more than ever.


To choices and positive change,


PS – I celebrate YOU!



What do you “represent”?

Many of you know that we have spent the past year living in Hawaii.  This was a positive life changing experience for us in ways that were so unexpected.  I have started to write a book where I will share the stories of our journey and personal growth there.


We chose to take the opportunity while we were there to immerse ourselves as much as possible into the Hawaiian culture and the way of “aloha”.  This choice brought many amazing and inspirational people into our paths and one of them in particular inspired this article.

This friend was talking to us about the word “represent”.  In Hawaii, it is said that you “represent” when you are a good ambassador for the Hawaiian Islands, you stand up for what it good and righteous, you respect the people, the culture, the land, the environment, you live in peace and love, and of course, in aloha.  This beautiful conversation with him made me think deeper about the word “represent” and what it means to me, hopefully to you and to all of humanity.


What do you “represent”?


  • Do you represent kindness or selfishness?
  • Do you represent compassion or judgement?
  • Do you represent love or hatred?
  • Do you represent optimism or pessimism?
  • Do you represent hope or doubt?
  • Do you represent understanding, learning, growing, improving?
  • Do you represent joy or bitterness?
  • Do you represent equality or difference?
  • Do you represent forgiveness or blame?
  • Do you represent peace or discord?
  • Do you represent happiness or despair?
  • Do you represent believing or denial?
  • Do you represent respect or criticism?
  • Do you represent appreciation or disregard?


We all have a choice about what we “represent”.  What we are known for, how people feel when they are around us, how people react to us, our behaviour, our habits, our “essence”.


Creating positive change starts with ourselves first, it always has. 


We can do this through our thoughts, our words and our actions.  Do the best you can with where you are in your life right now – it’s never too late.  The powerful (and magical!) thing is that once you choose to create positive change and “represent” in your own life, you will inspire others to do the same.  Then I believe this world will be a much better place for all of us.


These are exciting times my friend and I celebrate YOU!


Together in the journey,


Attention World: New word alert – “HAPPYING”!!!


“Experiencing the blissful state of happiness and joy”.

A joint movement, happily co-created by Caron Keens and Miss Harlow Jean


I’m not quite sure what the steps are for introducing a new word to the world?  I am going to try the social media route on behalf of myself and my partner, Miss Harlow Jean.


We have been collaborating tirelessly on this project so we are both very excited to share this new word with everyone.  Our new word is HAPPYING and it is a verb; we believe it is anyways and we are sure someone will let us know one way or another!


I would like to provide you with a bit of background on the history and origin of our new word – HAPPYING.  The first thing you need to know is that Harlow Jean is my grandprincess and she is 2 ½ years old.  She is really cute and very special and we have lots of fun when we are together.  It’s very refreshing to be around children as they are so full of innocent joy and playful wonder.  She likes to ask “what’s happening” (well, I prompt her with that question too).  While we were playing outside on my recent visit, she kept asking me this question over and over and over.  And then WOW, I had one of those “aha” moments and something resonated with me (and her too, I’m sure)! Something really special was happening……….and that was HAPPYING”.  This Harlow Jean, is “HAPPYING”; experiencing the blissful state of happiness and joy, without even thinking about it.  We did a fun happy dance, because that’s what we do when we invent new words!  So that is how our discovery started and we have been working on a campaign ever since that celebratory day.

You can expect to see lots of exciting advertising and publicity coming soon with this new word of ours.  We are in the process of having merchandise available so that the awesome message of “HAPPYINGcan be spread far and wide.  YAY!!!  Then we figure that lots of random people all over the world will be doing a fun happy dance, just like we did!  So this movement is just going to get bigger and better and more people will be happy without even thinking about it.  Oh how exciting…….then things will change in a good way.  For all of us!


With gratitude, faith & happiness,

Caron and Miss Harlow Jean

Getting Ready for Happy Dance IMG-20150730-WA0002 (2) 20150617_050108 (2)

Disclaimer:  We are not responsible for the spontaneous dancing you may suddenly perform or witness.  “Happying” really is that powerful.  Just go with it and enJOY!


Note from Caron to the world:  There will be a new word in approximately 2 years when I collaborate with grandprincess #2, Miss Summer Belle!

Always be yourself. Unless……….

Well, what can I say?  Those of you who know me will not be surprised to read this post, especially my family!  I’ve been quite vocal about being true to ourselves, and letting our own uniqueness shine.  Indeed.  Then on the other end of dreamland I have quite often expressed that I want to be a fairy in my next life.  Now, in the unlikely event that some cosmic wires get crossed in the awesomeness of time and space, I thought I had better give my best attempt to live some of that dream now.


I believe that this all started when I was 4 years old and my mom took me to my first movie at a theatre.  The movie was Thumbelina or some sort of animated version of that with fairies and all things wonderful.  I could not believe the amazing experience I was having and all the excitement on the big screen and how things were so big and pretty and “how does this happen mom” and “can we do this again mom” and “I want to do that too mom” and…. well apparently I would not quit talking (really sorry about that mom).  The fairy dream could originate from realizing and knowing how magical life truly is or from loving all things that sparkle and glitter.  I don’t know, perhaps a bit of both!

Always be yourself………everyone else is taken!


Of course it’s so important to always be yourself.   I’ve written before about this important topic and of sharing your gifts and talents with the world.  It’s so exciting to realize who we truly are and what our calling is in the world.  To find alignment with our talents and purpose and to not allow others to sway us from our own light.  To be open to learning, growing, evolving, re-thinking, refreshing, renewing or simply starting over.  That’s the real “magic” of life.  So perhaps I would like to use my wand to sprinkle this epiphany on the world.  At the same time to share hope, peace and happiness with everyone because we are all in this journey together my friends.  Wow, yeah that sounds like the most AWESOME plan!


So here’s the deal.  Sometimes it really is fun to connect to our youth, to be playful and silly, to share little bits of our fun and whimsical self with others, to dream and let those dreams manifest in some way.  It connects us as human beings.  There are certainly lots of serious things that will pop up in our lives, we all know that.  That’s why self-care, loving relationships and living in gratitude and kindness are so important.  But it’s sure exciting to consider (and believe in) the journey that “pretending” will take us on!  


So let’s just go with this.  I thank you for taking the time to read a little bit of “whimsy” about me.  I just need to figure out the flying part (a temporary obstacle); everything else should be good to go. 


Should you see me out with there with wings and a wand….sprinkling love, hope, happiness, peace, glitter and pixie dust…..just smile and wave my friends, just smile and wave!


Yours in dreaming & believing (& sparkles),


Realizing me.

I get asked about what I do almost every single day.  By people who I give my business cards to or by the amazing people who I present a “C.A.R.E. Card” to.  I like getting asked that question as it gives me an opportunity to share my story.  A few years ago, I made a focused choice to listen to the voice within and follow my heart.  I created a personally meaningful and inspirational-based business that promotes optimism, hope, happiness and connection.  For all.


All of this is based on 3 core values of doing good, being kind and the C.A.R.E. concept.  I developed the C.A.R.E. concept a little over a year ago.  I emphasize the importance of making the time to care for ourselves first so that we are better able to care for others.   The word C.A.R.E. is a powerful acronym that represents:



Most of us don’t do this enough – it is as though we need permission.  Celebrate your accomplishments in some way, however small or insignificant they may SEEM.  Do not wait to celebrate only the big things, the little things quite often roll right into awesomeness!  Laugh and have fun – it keeps us young.


Living in gratitude would be the best way for me to sum this one up.  Gratitude is a game changer – literally.  Every single day, please find at least one thing to be grateful for.  Your life will not be the same by making this a habit.


You are worthy and you matter.  Look after yourself – spiritually, emotionally, mentally & physically.  We are all different and quite often it is our challenges that connect us.  Make peace with your past, practice forgiveness and do not hold grudges.  As the saying goes, holding a grudge is letting someone else live rent free in your head.


Think different, challenge routine, dream big, whatever works for you – the possibilities for you are endless. Honour yourself, your strengths – tap into what “fuels you” and what “drives you”.  How can you use those passions to change or enhance your current situation?  Can those passions be turned into something more?    Trust in the power of encouragement!


The C.A.R.E. Cards are available for purchase on my website and they are a great way to notice someone.  I find that most people are surprised, grateful and happy to receive a card.  Sharing a smile or a simple greeting works the same way.  Everyone is going through something – we all need a sign of hope and connection.  In a world where many of us are face down in our phones, computers and other distractions of the times, people are craving to be noticed and for someone to say I see you.  Yet many of us are scared to do that.  Have you ever struck up a conversation with a total stranger?  That is perhaps one of my favourite things to do.  I think people are amazing and once we break down the barrier or fear and actually strike up a conversation, we quickly realize how connected we all are.  Our similarities far outnumber our differences.  Just yesterday, we struck up a dialogue with a gentleman and he posed the question to me quite early in our conversation – “do you think the goal of life is happiness?”  Quite a deep question don’t you think?  How would you answer that if someone asked you that?  I believe that happiness is a continuous journey…..a by-product of living in gratitude and experienced by caring for you, for others and for this miraculous place we all call home.


Honouring myself and my talents, sharing my passion, practicing the C.A.R.E. concept – all of these things have brought me to this moment.  It has helped me through many obstacles, fears, challenges and doubts.  I will continue to learn and grow and evolve.  Taking action is the key to change, especially taking action on your dreams.  Also realizing that not much in life is perfect and seeking perfection can be paralyzing.    Do something today that your future self will thank you for.  I recently made a huge decision (for me it was!) and I joined Toastmaster’s.  How the girl who was once an introvert could join Toastmaster’s still amazes me.  I was warmly welcomed as a visitor and was assured I would not have to speak.  Well, guess how that played out – the next thing I knew I was at the podium responding to a table top discussion.  I have 2 things to share with you about that experience:

  1. I made them laugh (I couldn’t have known less about the topic!)
  2. I won the award that evening for the highest number of “ah’s and uh’s” in my speech. Yes, there is someone who counts those filler words!

So I consider that “first step of action” to be a huge success.  Am I going to be nervous at the next meeting – YES.  Am I still going to go – YES.  Am I going to rock out at public speaking one day – YES.  Never stop learning (or believing or at least making people laugh)!


Over the past few years, I took the initiative to informally chat with some individuals who I am inspired by.  If you are reading this article, you know who you are!  I wanted to know what made them tick, how they stay positive, was there a pivotal moment or did something happen in their life.  For me, it was life changing to share those conversations with people and I will continue to do so – there are many of you I want to chat with.  Unanimously for all of them, it was a conscious choice to be positive and kind.  They chose to live a fulfilled life by these simple but powerful principles and do their best to not be influenced by the negative noise of others.  That takes courage, focus and personal belief.  I honour and admire each and every one of you! 


I would like to thank all of you who send me the many emails of how my writing topics resonate with you, the likes, the shares, the comments, those of you who feel safe talking to me about your challenges, hopes, and dreams, those of you who believe in me and encourage me, those of you who don’t understand why I find this business fulfilling (it’s really okay), those of you who I have just met and those of you who I have been blessed with in my life a long time, for those of you who are hurting or struggling – I want you to know I have been there and please know that things will get better, for the times I’ve shared with all the people who have crossed my path on this journey for me to realize me.  I hope that sharing my story, my passion and my dreams………. gives each one of you the encouragement and confidence to do the same. 


Trust in your journey,


GRATITUDE CHANGES EVERYTHING. #gratitude #good #kind #peace #love #happy (2)