Gratitude Project – September 2015

Friends and family:


Earlier this week, I asked for as many of you as possible to send me 1 or 2 things that you are grateful for.  The responses started flooding in almost immediately and I am still getting them today (close to 100 entries)!  I cannot tell you how encouraging it is to read all the reasons for which each of you are grateful.  Living in gratitude changes everything; how we experience life, how we interact with those in our circles and those who cross our path, how we behave, how we feel, how we heal and how we connect.


I want to send out a thank you and express sincere appreciation for all of you who took the time to respond.  Many of you listed several reasons for which you are grateful and I do realize that choosing 1 or 2 items is very difficult.  When I originally visualized how this would look, I envisioned a collage of single words in different sizes, with the text going in different directions.  However, I wanted to honour all the submissions in their entirety (anonymously) so I created a graphic that summarizes the themes that I felt best fit the items you sent me.  I tried to get innovative and have a “magical link” on this fun graphic to navigate directly to the full gratitude list, but I couldn’t quite get that function to work through a Facebook image.  One day, I will figure that small detail out!  In the interim, you can go to my website www.goodandkindcompany and click on “Gratitude Project” on the top menu bar where you can access the full list of entries.  There is one awesome entry I want to publicly acknowledge and it is from my Grandma who we are all so proud of……..she radiates love, kindness and compassion (and is a serious card shark, I can never win).  She is 95 years young and I bet you will be able to pick out which entry is hers (under Family & Friends).


There may be some questions about the themes I chose or where I placed some of the entries, but that is not the point of this project.  I positively believe you will agree that regardless of where the gratitude entries were placed, it is very moving and inspiring to read what was submitted.

I am thinking creatively about how I can keep this movement going so that people can share their messages on an ongoing basis.  Sharing our messages builds empathy and compassion, it break down barriers and connects us as human beings.  It helps us all realize the most valuable gift we have in the world is something that costs absolutely nothing – gratitude.


I celebrate each and every one of you!


A new day is a gift for you. Here are some reasons why…

If you are reading this, one thing is for sure….you woke up today!  You’re alive and you’re here to live another day.  I consider that a gift.  Here are a few reasons why I believe a new day is a gift:


  • We have the opportunity to be a better version of the person we were yesterday.  That’s the only person we should try to be better than; the person we were yesterday.
  • We have the chance to be kinder in our words and in our actions.  Kinder to our friends, to our family, to the people who cross our path and want to be noticed.
  • We have the privilege of doing something good for the world.  Whether it’s volunteering, waving, letting someone in the lane in front of us, smiling, picking up litter, carrying out someone’s groceries, donating however you can, leaving a big tip, recycling, taking the time to chat with a stranger, listening and seeking to understand, practicing empathy, compassion and respect, passing along compliments and words of encouragement, promoting good news stories instead of negative, paying for someone’s coffee or meal, bringing attention to causes or organizations making a positive difference, starting our own cause to promote an issue that needs attention in the world, practicing non-judgement, hugging, sharing in a laugh.
  • We have the chance to make amends, come to an understanding, make peace with or apologize for something that happened before.  Do not live with regrets on this one!
  • We have the opportunity to experience something new that we have been postponing for whatever reason.  This could include volunteering, eating healthier, going on a road trip, visiting new places, getting rid of some of our stuff that no longer serves us, slowing down and realizing that’s okay, taking action on a self improvement initiative, finding a new job, trying out a new recipe or signing up for cooking lessons, taking a new route for our daily walk or run, singing in our car with the windows down, realizing that we need (!) want singing lessons and signing up for them, not watching TV for a whole day and enjoying the peace and clarity that brings, starting a blog, making new friends and building new relationships, reconnecting with friends and family that we miss, distancing ourselves from friends and relationships that do not serve us, breaking out in impromptu dance sessions in public, going on an adventure, learning a new sport or hobby or pursuing a talent.

Moving forward and living life with passion and gratitude = THRIVING.

  • We have the honour to experience something again or try something we did before with a new perspective.  Witnessing a sunrise and sunset, making memories and sharing dreams with friends and family, talking about old memories with friends and family, playing cards with seniors, enjoying youthful fun with children and grandchildren, playing outside, doing cartwheels (I did this 2 days ago!), revisiting places we have been to, watching for falling stars, looking for the big and little dipper, re-reading books that inspire or educate, listening to our favourite music from our past.
  • We have the chance to rethink, redo, retry.  Maybe some things didn’t go quite the way we planned, maybe we made some poor choices or bad decisions, maybe we feel that luck is not on our side, maybe we feel defeated, stuck or lost.  Who hasn’t?  Reach out to a person or a support group who can help with the transition through your challenges.  Another day provides us with the chance to think differently, to see things differently, to do things differently or perhaps to get rid of some ideas all together and try a whole other plan of action.  Now there’s an opportunity!


Here’s to a new day.  It’s another gift.  I hope you think so too!


Be calm & THRIVE ON,