The incredible story of our March 24-27 retreat theme “Reflecting, feeling, connecting, healing”….

It was last August when once again, I awoke with an epiphany.  This time it was words.  Just four words.  This happens frequently so I ensure that I have something nearby to capture my thoughts passing through.  I clumsily jotted down the words that came to me in this order “Reflecting, Feeling, Connecting, Healing”…..and fell back asleep.


A few days later, I was with my friend Jeanni whom I had only met a few months before.  We may have just recently met but we felt as though we’d known each other forever.  When Jeanni and I get together, the magic and ideas flow incredibly.  One of our discussions had led to the idea of hosting a retreat and we both lit up with joy and possibilities.  On this day, I couldn’t wait to tell Jeanni about my “four words” as they seemed to be a perfect fit for a theme of our retreat.


Our get together was fabulous; we never stop throwing out ideas, dreams and what-ifs.  I shared with Jeanni my “aha moment” from a few nights before and she was excited and intrigued.  She agreed that this would be a very fitting theme for our event.

A few days later Jeanni messaged me that she had something to share with me and told me that I wouldn’t believe what she had to show me.  I couldn’t wait to hear!  When I arrived at her place, Jeanni had a journal out on the counter.  She explained to me that a few years earlier, she had been jotting down ideas about things she wanted to do.  One of them was possibly host a retreat with someone.  When I had shown her my four words that had appeared to me, she knew she has seen those words before.  She remembered where… a journal that she had!  In this journal, arched along the top of a page, IN THE EXACT SAME ORDER, were the same four words.  “Reflecting, Feeling, Connecting, Healing”.  Two years earlier!


We cannot make this stuff up.  This experience validated that the universe works in magical ways. That there are beautiful synchronicities and no coincidences.  That living in wonder, dreaming and believing propels us to places, people and situations that seem “unreal” but are very “real”.  That we are always receiving “signs” to get our attention, to guide us and help us in our journeys.  And that there is always, always hope.


Our “Spring into Action” retreat with the theme of “Reflecting, Feeling, Connecting, Healing” is planned for March 24 to 27 in the beautiful Naramata, BC, Canada.  Jeanni and I will join together with other amazing women on this learning and growing journey and we could not be more grateful.  The adventure continues….


In joy & possibilities,



PSwe still have room and we would love to have YOU to join us!  Jeanni and I have been very mindful of budget and have made this an “all inclusive” event which includes accommodations, healthy meals, retreat materials, a welcome package, inspirational take-home items created by you, learning, FUN and growth for only $577.  All you have to do is get here!  Remember, being removed from your usual environment is more conducive to growth and learning……consider this a mini-vacation (with extra benefits) that you are so deserving of!

Join us October 29 in Penticton, BC for a Psych-K Funshop!!

For anyone in the southern BC, Canada area, I would love for you to join my friend Jeanni and me on Saturday, October 29 in Penticton for a day of learning, healing and fun!


We will be presenting a Psych-K funshop at the beautiful Leir House at 220 Manor Park Avenue from 10 am to 4 pm.  Together, we will discover a simple and easy process to identify our limiting beliefs, move past what has been holding us back and give life changing results.  How can it get any better than living our best lives NOW……despite who we are, where we are or what has brought us to our current situation.  You can live the life you dream of NOW.   Psych-K principles can help and we are so grateful, excited and blessed to be able to share this with YOU.


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Please call either Jeanni or me for more information or to register.


We are truly looking forward to to having YOU join us, there is no better time than now!


Together in good changes,


Celebrating moments that turn into awesomeness….

Some moments turn out way more awesome than we can imagine.


Fun things are fun!  Laughter is contagious!!  No permission needed for whimsy!!!  Some moments turn into unexpected awesomeness.  This was one of those times……


Laughter, fun and whimsy connect us as human beings, keep us YOUNG, release stress, build relationships and create all sorts of wonderful magic in our lives. 


I was recently visiting my mom and grandma before a speaking event in Saskatchewan.  Mom and I try our best to meet at grandmas as often as we can (we all live in different communities).  Our get-togethers most often involve catching up, sharing in meals, a few interesting games of rummy (guess who wins most often?), a lot of laughs, a little bit of mischief, some naptime and simply sharing in our time together.


I decided we should all sport “a good life” shirt a get a 3 generation picture.  What happened next is something I can’t explain exactly.  You can see from the progression of pictures that it was an absolute explosion of uncontrollable laughter between my mom and grandma.  I decided to capture a few pictures of them in action before sneaking in behind them to get in on the fun!!  Thanks to my aunt Renee who was visiting for taking the group photos.  It certainly took a while for us to be able to compose ourselves and say “cheese”!

This was one of those moments that we will all remember for a long, long time.  Laughing until we cry, feeling the joy, celebrating being together and simply living “a good life”.


Celebrate on my friends,



Woooohoooo!  My 1st launch of “A Good Life” shirts are sold out!!  Thank you to everyone who purchased one.  The 2nd edition (new design and sizes) will be available very soon.  You can sign up to be on my email list on my website ( to receive updates on products and other fun stuff!

4 life lessons from exciting first-time experiences.

Recently, I had the privilege of being on a flight with a group of wonderfully entertaining people who unknowingly inspired this blog post and graphic design.  I took the picture in my design on this memorable flight.


I’m sure most of you reading this have flown on some type of airplane before.  My first flight was over 32 years ago.  I remember being amazed that this huge 7-47 plane was actually going to get off the ground, take me up into the sky and arrive at a far-away destination in such a short period of time.  I believe I may have cried (no, I know I did) due to the thrill and anticipation.  Do any of you remember the first time you flew?  Were you nervous, excited, in awe, speechless, giddy, petrified, chatty, anxious, quiet, grateful?  Did you get butterflies in your stomach when the plane took off and landed?  Did your ears get plugged?  Did your stomach get queasy?  Did you look out the window or pull the shade down?  Were your palms sweaty?


Did you look in wonder at the world below you? 


As our plane lifted off the ground on this recent flight, my attention was captured by the “ooohs” and “aaaahs” and exclamations of “WOW!” and “COOL!” from several people behind me.  I am not sure if it was a first flight for them, or perhaps they hadn’t flown often or maybe they just do that on all flights (a fantastic way to keep things “fun and new”).  I turned to the passengers beside me and we exchanged smiles and chuckled as a result of the animated reactions behind us.  It prompted a friendly and “good vibe” conversation between the three of us in that row.  This experience reminded me how important it is to remember the excitement of experiencing something for the first time. Those rediscovered moments are powerful and can enhance how we experience our lives in the present moment!


4 life lessons from exciting first-time experiences:


  1. It changes our perspective so that we live our lives with freshness and joy (for the simple things not only the big things).
  2. It keeps us connected to other people.  It reinforces the positive power of sharing in experiences together.
  3. It keeps us humble.  A perfect reminder to be grateful and to not take things for granted.
  4. It reminds us to celebrate and have fun because somewhere along the way, many of us have forgotten how to do that.


Well, it didn’t quite end there.  When the captain announced that we had begun our descent and would soon be landing, I wondered what the reactions would be from this group who had provided entertainment on take-off.  Sure enough, we could hear the beginnings of excited dialogue and anticipation!  They did not disappoint in delivering another fabulous performance.  The “ooohs” and “aaahs” and exclamations of “COOL!”, “WOW!” and “YAY!” were even louder as we landed!  This was without a doubt one of the best flights I have been on in a long, long time.  I would like to give a “shout-out of awesome” to the special people on that flight.  I thank each of you for inspiring me to “remember” through your spontaneous joyfulness and enthusiasm.


For those of you reading this post, I hope the four life lessons that I have shared are helpful reminders for you, just as they are for me.  I encourage each of you to reflect back on the excitement you have experienced from your own “firsts”.  Bring some of that rediscovered joy back into your life for the four reasons above or for your own amazing reason.  Then get ready to enjoy the renewal of your life……where your present moments can be experienced with the excitement of a “first”!


Learning on the journey,


It’s a Wonder(full) Life!

I love the word WONDER(FULL).  

I created this fun change to the word “wonderful” not so long ago (yes indeed, another middle of the night epiphany!)


Wonder(full) – full of wonder.  How can we not be filled with wonder when we look at and experience the magic that surrounds us every day?  We can be quick to forget this when we are going through stressful circumstances.  Situations such as our job (or lack of), relationships, finances, regret, anxiety, over-extending ourselves, health, school, purpose, and all the other challenges that may come our way during life.  Trust me, I get it – I truly do.  I have personally experienced almost everything I have listed above!


Sure we can’t be or feel “wonderful” everyday, but we can certainly be full of wonder everyday.  Simply pause, take some deep breaths and look around you.  What haven’t you noticed before?  Be curious.  Can you see things differently?  Be passion-filled.  Can you make a small change?  Be brave and confident.  Just allow yourself to experience a few peaceful moments of gratitude.  This won’t eliminate difficult situations, but being full of wonder sure makes it all easier to handle.  And that’s a big step towards change and happiness.


As we groove into summer…….the warmer weather and longer days, we are definitely “wowed” by wonder(full).  Fresh mornings with a nice warm coffee, amazing lake days, visiting around the camp fires, last minute barbecues with anyone who can join in, road trips with the windows open, flip flops and ball caps, warm fragrant breezes, camping and enjoying the beauty of nature, evening walks with friendly greetings along the way, the lush and bountiful gardens, the breath-taking sunsets, the stunning colours of summer blooms, fishing with great friends and singing those awesome summer songs like a rock star (well, I do that and I’m sure you do too!)


Never lose your sense of wonder and remember that it’s absolutely never too late to live the wonder(full) life you deserve.


Yours in wonder & possibility,


 Wonder(full) Life.  #life #wonder #wonderful #gratitude (2)

P.S.      A bit of trivia about me…..coincidentally “It’s A Wonderful Life”, the classic film produced and directed by Frank Capra is my favourite movie!


P.P.S    I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to Eric Saperston from Live In Wonder!  I had the privilege of meeting the amazing Eric a few years ago and I highly recommend his book “Live in Wonder”.  I believe that you will find his Live In Wonder project to be quite inspiring, just as I do.  Check it out at



A new word – FOR YOU!

New word alert! 

These are the types of things that wake me up in the middle of the night.  Hence, my reference in a previous post (That Person is Someone – March 24, 2015) about having my journal nearby to capture these “thoughts passing through”.


Every one of us needs encouragement, to be noticed and to receive some kind (not to mention newly invented) words to keep us feeling great about ourselves and life and the all the interesting stuff that comes our way. 


So in the spirit of appreciation and acknowledgment, check this out.  Combining awesome and someone creates a really powerful and fun word:



 We all have challenges, fears, regrets and frustration at some point in our lives.  But we also have opportunity, hope and the power of choice.   We have more in common with each other than we tend to realize.  Be mindful of how you treat (and what you say to) that someone you see today – yourself included!


And from me to you, in case you don’t hear it often enough……



Together in a good kind of change,


In case you don't hear it often enough #awesomeone #awesome #someone (2)