Gratitude Project – September 2015

Friends and family:


Earlier this week, I asked for as many of you as possible to send me 1 or 2 things that you are grateful for.  The responses started flooding in almost immediately and I am still getting them today (close to 100 entries)!  I cannot tell you how encouraging it is to read all the reasons for which each of you are grateful.  Living in gratitude changes everything; how we experience life, how we interact with those in our circles and those who cross our path, how we behave, how we feel, how we heal and how we connect.


I want to send out a thank you and express sincere appreciation for all of you who took the time to respond.  Many of you listed several reasons for which you are grateful and I do realize that choosing 1 or 2 items is very difficult.  When I originally visualized how this would look, I envisioned a collage of single words in different sizes, with the text going in different directions.  However, I wanted to honour all the submissions in their entirety (anonymously) so I created a graphic that summarizes the themes that I felt best fit the items you sent me.  I tried to get innovative and have a “magical link” on this fun graphic to navigate directly to the full gratitude list, but I couldn’t quite get that function to work through a Facebook image.  One day, I will figure that small detail out!  In the interim, you can go to my website www.goodandkindcompany and click on “Gratitude Project” on the top menu bar where you can access the full list of entries.  There is one awesome entry I want to publicly acknowledge and it is from my Grandma who we are all so proud of……..she radiates love, kindness and compassion (and is a serious card shark, I can never win).  She is 95 years young and I bet you will be able to pick out which entry is hers (under Family & Friends).


There may be some questions about the themes I chose or where I placed some of the entries, but that is not the point of this project.  I positively believe you will agree that regardless of where the gratitude entries were placed, it is very moving and inspiring to read what was submitted.

I am thinking creatively about how I can keep this movement going so that people can share their messages on an ongoing basis.  Sharing our messages builds empathy and compassion, it break down barriers and connects us as human beings.  It helps us all realize the most valuable gift we have in the world is something that costs absolutely nothing – gratitude.


I celebrate each and every one of you!


Wide awake in “dreamland”…….

When I was 4 years old I got my first pair of “runners”.  I can describe them in great detail.  They were red plaid and had white laces – there you go!  And because they were called “runners”, I didn’t even question the fact that when I put them on, it meant that I was supposed to run………non stop.  I remember running back and forth in our home from one end to the other.  At some point, my parents must have told me that I could wear these “runners” and simply walk, skip, leap or any of those other fun moves that children do.  Good thing because I was getting tired!!


My brother, sister and I played “make believe” very often and somewhere out there we have the pictures to prove it.  My brother liked to wear a Tupperware measuring container on his head (ugh, he’s going to not like me saying this) and tie his “blanket” (I think he called it a “manky” – ugh again) around his neck and pretended he was a superhero or warrior or something.  Well, I was the oldest so he probably took on whatever role I told him too!  We would play “boat” in a big, old cardboard box and use my baton as the oar.  We would line up our Dr. Suess books on the floor and “walk the path” ensuring that we didn’t fall off into the water.  My sister would play house with her gentle cat and her cat would miraculously play the part of a “baby”…..wearing the clothes and snuggled in a stroller!  I kid you not.  I vividly remember lying on the grass and looking up at the clouds in the sky and wondering what it would be like to jump from cloud to cloud like an adventurer.  Or fly around like a fairy.  Wouldn’t that be fun………..


I am sure that many of you played “make believe” and used your imagination when you were young as well.  Dreaming was something we did often.  Pretending “as if” and using whatever was handy to make your dream come to life.  And sometimes there were no “props”; we just pretended they were there.  Remember that?  But it sure felt as if they were there, didn’t it?


When our daughters were young, they very frequently played a game that they called “being”.  They would just come up with a happy scenario and act it out with whatever they had, wherever they were and whenever they wanted (which was often).  We would pretend not to watch because then they would stop their routine.  It was so magical to watch their stories unfold!


Thinking back on these times reminds me that it was the experiences and not the “things” that created those vivid moments.  It didn’t matter what we had, we made it work so that things came to life.  What a beautiful lesson!  It was the belief in the vision that made it real – even though it was “as if”.  There was no doubt in our minds that what we had created was our reality at that moment.


I realize that life can get complex as we get out into the world and switch from dreams to reality.  Yikes.  However, I am still a true advocate for dreaming, believing and believing in your dreams.  You can also call it visualizing and manifesting and IT WORKS!  Pay attention to the limiting beliefs, blocks and fears that are presented to you as these signs need some examining and understanding so that you can break through them.   Continue to dream and believe from the purest, most loving place with 100% conviction and faith.  You will be amazed at how the so-called serendipities unfold!


Yours in the world of dreams,


PS – I really do want to be a fairy and fly around, spreading glitter and magic. Stay tuned for an update on that adventure.  Anyone want to join me?