Tips & Truths in Trying Times: What have you discovered about yourself?

These are trippy, weird & confusing times we are ALL in. What a couple weeks we had after our 14 day 100% total isolation.  We hadn’t left our condo at all – no walks, no going anywhere, no nothing.  And we made it……..and we DID NOT call it a prison.  Try to watch your wording … Read moreTips & Truths in Trying Times: What have you discovered about yourself?

“To do” today! Anyone wanna join me?

I try my best everyday to do my “to do” list (this is a real tongue twister)!  There are a few daily practices that have turned into wonderful habits when I wrote them down and became consciously aware of taking action on them.  The awesome part is how transforming this has been for my life.  So much so that I have to share this powerful stuff with YOU.


I have a standard “to do” list and I add other interesting and fun stuff to it as necessary (such as get groceries, shovel snow, pay bills, get a tooth pulled, etc).  I admit, I’m a list person.  It works for me and I know, the more we use lists the more we depend on them but it’s just the way I roll.

The items that are part of my daily ritual “to do” include:

  • Wake up, get up, show up
  • Do some “good” (for myself, for others, for the world)
  • Be kind (to myself and others)
  • Practice gratitude
  • Choose happiness
  • Oh, and the occasional cartwheel, spontaneous dance or “joy jumpin” move!



I hope that you are incorporating these life-changing practices into your daily life.  Write them down, say them, choose them, live them, believe them……let this be the way we all rock and roll!  Every single one of us has different stories, challenges, dreams and goals.  We all have “off” days and “on” days.  Every. single. one. of. us.  And that’s okay.  Try your best to do whatever you can in your current situation.  I’m sure that you will find your life positively impacted as these become habits; not to mention the positive impact you will make on the lives of others.  Oh, and here’s an added bonus, these “to do woooo hoooo hoooos” are FREE (I bet you wanna join me now)!


So get out there and shine your fanflippintastic awesomeness in a world that needs you more than ever.


To choices and positive change,


PS – I celebrate YOU!



You can choose this!

Consider how awesome it is that at any moment, we can choose our thoughts, our words, our actions, our reactions, our attitudes, our opinions.  Do feelings, emotions and beliefs affect these choices?  Absolutely!  Don’t deny what you are feeling – EVER.  Suppressed feelings will eventually come out one way or another – and not usually how we want (or expect).

Learning to have awareness, to recognize how we are feeling is a huge step in being able to better manage our personal situations.  It provides us with an opportunity to step back, reflect, make a choice and take action, whether that action is to change something or not.



“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

-Wayne Dyer


We all have stories; we all face challenges and triumphs; we all experience our own version of sadness, joy, fear and happiness; we all need to be celebrated, appreciated, respected and encouraged.  Although we are each on our separate paths, we are really together in the journey.  Let’s do our best to make it wonder(full) for ourselves and each other.


To choices of love and peace,


Choose gratitude and things change.

The picture that I have used to create my graphic for this post was captured a few days ago by our special friend Sandy Gerow.  It was taken overlooking Jackfish Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada as the sun was rising on a crisp and beautiful November morning.  The sky was changing so quickly that there were just a few seconds before the scene changed from this stunning masterpiece to the next creation of wonder(full).  How quickly things can change in life……

I’m quite certain that most of you reading this will know how quickly things can change.  You have most likely experienced life changing moments.  I know I have; some good, and some well, they haven’t been so good.  We all have our beautiful moments of awesome, our own versions of a “s#*t show” and everything in between.  Anyone who can relate to this, raise your hand and say “I” or “aye” or “eh” or whatever feels appropriate.


A popular quote by Dr. Wayne Dyer reminds us that “when we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”.  This encourages us to see things differently, through a new set of eyes.  This is why gratitude is so important in our lives; it truly is life changing.  I have written about gratitude a few times before and I will continue to do so.  Make the time to appreciate and celebrate the amazing gifts in life that are right in front of you and often taken for granted.  Family, friends, health, opportunity, choice, freedom, a sunrise, love, a sunset, shelter, food, purpose, water, employment, peace.  When we face challenges, it will be some of these gifts that will help get us through.  Reach out in kindness and compassion to those who are in need because one day you may be the person needing that support.


Today is November 11, Remembrance Day.  Take the time today to respect and honour those who have served and those who continue to serve.  Take the time to send love and compassion to their friends and family.  Take the time to remember and acknowledge them any time, any day, wherever, whenever, everyday, not just today.  There are no rules for expressing appreciation and gratitude to anyone, simply give it freely and sincerely with pure intention.  This is how we connect to each other as human beings, how barriers are eliminated and how things shift for the better in our world.


This powerful image of an ever changing sunrise reminds me that things can change in an instant and we never really know what is coming our way next.  Yet, quite often those not so good changes and challenges provide us with lessons, epiphanies and an opportunity for positive growth.


Choose gratitude.  Choose kindness.  Choose compassion.


As always….together in the journey,