Something worth sharing. Thank you.

It never ceases to amaze me when I come up with a theme/idea to write about.  I receive so many “signs” that tell me to just go with it.  Today’s article is no exception.
It appears as though there is a Global/World/International Thank You Day.  How interesting and awesome and how does one go about securing a unique date to celebrate a topic anyways?  I would like to give a shout out to those who organize the related events, increase awareness and promote change.  But I really want to be known for living a “thank you life”, for noticing and acknowledging people, and for encouraging others to live a “thank you life” as well.  Yes, that’s what I really want and  I hope you do too.
Thank you for:
  • Children who make us proud – grandchildren who keep us young
  • (Re)connecting with relatives & friends
  • Spouses/partners who complete us
  • Those who held our hand, lifted us up, carried us
  • Mothers, fathers, guardians and in-laws who inspire
  • Sisters and brothers and the fun memories of youth
  • Those who believe, those who challenge, those who encourage
  • Students, teachers, mentors, classmates
  • Childhood friends
  • Friends who stay and keep in touch
  • Those who show up and those who go
  • All the cousins, aunts and uncles
  • Employers who lead, co-workers who help, staff who go above and beyond, customers and clients
  • The healers, the caregivers
  • Those who dream and share their dreams
  • Brothers and sisters-in-law and the nieces and nephews
  • Those who listen, those who help, those who give, those who are there  
  • Grandparents who dance and win at cards
  • Neighbours and connections
  • Sons-in-law and daughters-in-law who care
  • The brave, the honest, the vulnerable, the change-makers
  • The amazing people who cross our paths with awesomeness
  • Those we don’t know who show kindness and compassion
  • Those who need us, those who trust us, those who share their stories and truths
  • The lessons, celebrations, opportunities, courage and life-changing relationships.
Feel free to use this image I created in Canva, however you want.  Copy and paste it, forward it, save it, share it, print it off, enlarge it, tape it here-tape it there, frame it, send it, gift it, post it far and post it wide………..something worth sharing.  Thank you and I hope you agree!



Grow with the Flow!!

I am sure you have heard the expression “go with the flow”………just taking things as they come with a sense of acceptance, ease, calmness and perhaps, complacency.  Ridin’ along the wave of life!
I bet you have also heard the expression “it is what it is”.  I’m not even 100% sure what this means except that I hear it very often.  I hope this expression doesn’t mean we can’t experience life differently or put another way, change the way we think?  Maybe we can learn from “what is” by taking time to be quiet, listen and watch.  What can we learn when we step back from “the wave”?  The people, the situations, the actions, the reactions, the deeper meaning, the truth, the connections, the purpose and the lessons.
We have such power in our own thoughts, words and deeds.  Pause when you need to, honour yourself, know that you are doing the best you can with where you are and what you know.  Be kind to yourself and trust your journey.  LEARN!  Refresh, rethink, redo, revive – grow with the flow of life!
Harness the positive love, light and kindness from those who cross your path and silently offer some of this energy to those in need.  The unseen exchange (let’s call it “flow”) will gift you with peace and happiness and will most likely affect another person in miraculous and totally awesome ways.
Here’s to your unique journey which includes a first class ticket and front row seat to growing with the flow!
Together in “the flow”,


Grow with the flow.  #change #grow #flow #learn #befree (3)

A new word – FOR YOU!

New word alert! 

These are the types of things that wake me up in the middle of the night.  Hence, my reference in a previous post (That Person is Someone – March 24, 2015) about having my journal nearby to capture these “thoughts passing through”.


Every one of us needs encouragement, to be noticed and to receive some kind (not to mention newly invented) words to keep us feeling great about ourselves and life and the all the interesting stuff that comes our way. 


So in the spirit of appreciation and acknowledgment, check this out.  Combining awesome and someone creates a really powerful and fun word:



 We all have challenges, fears, regrets and frustration at some point in our lives.  But we also have opportunity, hope and the power of choice.   We have more in common with each other than we tend to realize.  Be mindful of how you treat (and what you say to) that someone you see today – yourself included!


And from me to you, in case you don’t hear it often enough……



Together in a good kind of change,


In case you don't hear it often enough #awesomeone #awesome #someone (2)

Have more. With less.

Have more.  With less.  This simple change will simply change you!


Let’s talk about the “s” word……Stuff!


This is a popular topic these days.  All of our “stuff”.  The things that are clamouring for our attention – the stuff we have and the stuff that we want to have.  This includes our “big things” and our “little things”.


Small changes related to our “stuff” can make a huge difference in how we experience life.  Some ideas: 

  • Is your purchase a need or a want?
  • Can you donate some of your clothing or other possessions to a person or family in need, to charity, to a thrift store?
  • Can you sell some of your things that you no longer use (or serve you!) and then use that money for an experience you have always wanted?
  • Can you pack away some of your stuff for a specified time period? Try that and give yourself 6 months to a year and take note if you missed any of it.  Yes – by all means keep it.  No – time to let it go.


Here are some free and awesome gifts that you can “have more” of in your life by simply “having less”:

  • Freedom
  • Space
  • Clarity
  • Release/healing
  • Time
  • Focus
  • Inner peace
  • Happiness
  • Gratitude


Here’s to small, simple and good kind of changes!


In friendship,



Have more.  With less. #simple #life #change #happiness #good #freedom (2)