Attention World: New word alert – “HAPPYING”!!!


“Experiencing the blissful state of happiness and joy”.

A joint movement, happily co-created by Caron Keens and Miss Harlow Jean


I’m not quite sure what the steps are for introducing a new word to the world?  I am going to try the social media route on behalf of myself and my partner, Miss Harlow Jean.


We have been collaborating tirelessly on this project so we are both very excited to share this new word with everyone.  Our new word is HAPPYING and it is a verb; we believe it is anyways and we are sure someone will let us know one way or another!


I would like to provide you with a bit of background on the history and origin of our new word – HAPPYING.  The first thing you need to know is that Harlow Jean is my grandprincess and she is 2 ½ years old.  She is really cute and very special and we have lots of fun when we are together.  It’s very refreshing to be around children as they are so full of innocent joy and playful wonder.  She likes to ask “what’s happening” (well, I prompt her with that question too).  While we were playing outside on my recent visit, she kept asking me this question over and over and over.  And then WOW, I had one of those “aha” moments and something resonated with me (and her too, I’m sure)! Something really special was happening……….and that was HAPPYING”.  This Harlow Jean, is “HAPPYING”; experiencing the blissful state of happiness and joy, without even thinking about it.  We did a fun happy dance, because that’s what we do when we invent new words!  So that is how our discovery started and we have been working on a campaign ever since that celebratory day.

You can expect to see lots of exciting advertising and publicity coming soon with this new word of ours.  We are in the process of having merchandise available so that the awesome message of “HAPPYINGcan be spread far and wide.  YAY!!!  Then we figure that lots of random people all over the world will be doing a fun happy dance, just like we did!  So this movement is just going to get bigger and better and more people will be happy without even thinking about it.  Oh how exciting…….then things will change in a good way.  For all of us!


With gratitude, faith & happiness,

Caron and Miss Harlow Jean

Getting Ready for Happy Dance IMG-20150730-WA0002 (2) 20150617_050108 (2)

Disclaimer:  We are not responsible for the spontaneous dancing you may suddenly perform or witness.  “Happying” really is that powerful.  Just go with it and enJOY!


Note from Caron to the world:  There will be a new word in approximately 2 years when I collaborate with grandprincess #2, Miss Summer Belle!