Start that good change TODAY!

Let’s talk about changes – good changes!


I have recently experienced a significant amount of change in my life.  Many of these have been transformational for me.  The most difficult thing we do with change is procrastinate!  Change itself is not hard. It’s what we “think about change” that makes us believe it is hard.  Once you take that first step you are on your way and believe me, the possibilities and opportunities that will come your way are amazing.


Some of the things we want to change in our lives have been lingering in our minds and hearts for a long time.  I can totally relate to this one.  Fear is such a limiting belief to most of us.  Fear of failure, fear of what others will think or say, fear not knowing enough, fear of losing control, fear of the unknown, fear of feeling to old or too young, fear of looking silly, fear of staying the same and for many, fear of change.


I am definitely a believer in the statement that it is never too late to make a change.  Too many people feel that they cannot break from their routine, expectations of society or the mindset that “this is always the way things have been done”.


Many of us dream, but don’t believe.  Many of us believe, but don’t dream. 


Many of us judge and don’t seek to understand.  Many of us follow and don’t believe we can lead.  Many of us silently “carry our sad and hurtful stories” and don’t realize that we can overcome or deal with them more effectively.  Many of us live our lives holding grudges and bitterness but want to forgive.  Many of us don’t realize how connected we all are as human beings.  Many of us are face down in our phones and are scared of human connection.


Many of us want more out of our lives but don’t know where to find what’s missing. 


I recently faced a huge fear of mine which was public speaking.  I have no idea where this fear came from but I do know that I went through most of my school years with this same fear.  PLEASE do not ask me to answer a question, PLEASE do not call me up to talk about this, maybe if I make no eye contact I will be safe from being asked to say something, yikes.  I hope some of you can relate to these experiences.  Fear of public speaking is proven to be one of the biggest fears that a majority of people have.  At 50, I finally decided to face this beast head on!  I joined Toastmasters in early July and finished my required 10 speeches in just over 2 months to complete my 1st manual, Competent Communicator.  I share this story with you because this was one of biggest fears that had been living within me for how many years?  Over 40!  That’s craziness.  I want to tell you what is even more ironic about this story.  I had an epiphany a few years ago that I wanted to be a public speaker.  I had no idea where this “calling” came from.  I just knew I wanted to inspire and create positive change, to share stories and lessons, to break down barriers and build connection, to encourage optimism and hope, to to help others rethink/redo/recharge/revive/refresh/ restart/reinvent, to do some dancing and laughing and singing and all those fun things that make us feel alive!  I am sharing one of my stories with you because my story can be anyone’s story.  I cannot begin to express to each one of you how liberating it is to take a leap, face a fear and conquer that big beast – and it was BIG and BURLY (well, to me it was!)  If I can do this, you can make any change you want to as well.  It is absolutely never too late.


What good change would you like to make?  These changes can be small or big; the most important detail is that you just start – TODAY.


  • Live healthier – walk more, take the stairs, drink more water, better food choices, better eating habits, mindful breathing, mindful thinking
  • Forgive someone
  • (Re)connect with friends, family
  • Sort through your “stuff”, donate or sell, have “more with less”
  • Start that business, start that hobby, start that project, take that course, join that class
  • Talk less, listen more
  • Volunteer, give back
  • Ease off social media, connect with people face to face more
  • Watch less TV, read more
  • Fear less, love more
  • Doubt less, believe more
  • Encourage someone – anyone! Notice and encourage someone.  You both benefit.
  • Give thanks for something everyday
  • Complain less, celebrate accomplishments more
  • Judge less, reach out in compassion more
  • Show more kindness, the world needs it. Everyone benefits.
  • Travel more, wander, explore more, wonder
  • Be an optimist, the world has enough pessimists
  • Respect yourself more, criticize yourself less
  • Respect others more, criticize others less


I’m sure many of you have read quotes and heard people say: live for today, this moment is all we have, the only fear we have is of fear itself, love more/fear less, you are braver than you think, to name a few.  We read these things, but do we “believe them” and more importantly, do we “live them”?  I want to live them.  I want you to live them too.  I faced fear (one of the burly beasts that I had lingering around) and doors opened when I did this.  I am holding the door open for you my friends…..


Together in the journey,


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Simple coping techniques to deal with life’s challenges!

Yep, we all face challenges…..every single one of us.  Although we may feel lost during these times, our challenges connect us as human beings.  You are certainly not alone. 


When we are in the midst of a crisis, a hardship or an obstacle, we can feel very isolated, very afraid and very frustrated.  In a busy world that presents us with an overload of help and healing strategies, it can be overwhelming to find our way or sift through solutions in a rational way (at least, initially). 


I am going to provide you with some simple suggestions that

have helped me and many people close to me cope with challenges.


Even those who appear to have “everything”, are always happy, got it going on, and riding the wave of awesome have problems.  No one is immune from something coming their way that is unexpectedly challenging!  I’m sure that either you or someone you know has faced at least one and possibly several of these situations:  relationship problems, insecurity issues, financial trouble, health challenges, feeling stuck, looking for purpose, work overload, frustration with career or lack of, regret, anger, resentment, loss of loved one, fear of what others think, depression, substance abuse, lack of motivation, fear of change, fear of staying the same, growing older, not growing up quick enough, kids leaving home, kids coming back home, losing possessions, having too many possessions.  Just to name a few!


Quite often, small and simple changes can help us to find our way.  Here are some suggestions that have helped me and many people close to me cope with our own challenges/situations/roadblocks/issues:


  • Allow yourself to experience the emotions, feelings and thoughts associated with the challenge you are having. Don’t suppress or hide them…….because they will come out at some point.  Honour and respect how you are feeling.
  • Reach out to someone you can trust. Even if it’s just so that you can talk, vent or have your voice heard.  Let that person know that it’s okay for them to just listen and that you need a sounding board. 
  • If you are looking for advice or to brainstorm with someone, reach out for that purpose as well. Again, someone you can trust.  There may be people who unexpectedly reach out to you to provide comfort, or to listen or to be there for you – if it feels right, let them in!
  • Be upfront with people who do not have your best interest at heart or who are abrasive, non-comforting or when things “feel off”. Trust your judgement.
  • Allow yourself to be in a quiet place, outdoors in nature is best. Just be still, let whatever thoughts float through your mind to just come in and out, silence can be very healing.  If you are indoors, limit distractions (TV, social media, etc) so that you can experience stillness.  If music helps, let the tunes sooth your soul. 
  • Pay attention to your breathing. Deep, deliberate and slow.  Be mindful of the in and out breaths – “in” with “clarity & light”, “out” with “confusion & darkness”.
  • Sometimes, taking one day at a time is best. It may be over-whelming to make long term plans or have a strict timeline depending on the challenge you are facing. 
  • Celebrate your progress or accomplishments at moving forward, however small it may seem – please do this! Even if you are taking the “one day at time” approach. CELEBRATE & ACKNOWLEDGE!
  • Appreciate the people you have in your life, those who support you, encourage you and want to be in your circle of healing and support.
  • Write in a journal – your feelings, your emotions. Just let the words flow – don’t worry about it making sense.  Carry it with you to capture your thoughts passing through, especially when you don’t feel like talking to anyone or when there is no one around for you to talk to.  Writing in a journal is very therapeutic.
  • Exercise or get active however you can: walk, skip, run, hike, cartwheel, QiGong, somersault, dance, yoga, hula, hula hoop, pick your own favourite!
  • Visualize your situation differently – how that feels, how it sounds, how it looks…….everything about it. Just visualize, dream, believe (whichever word resonates best with you).  Visualize regularly and then take action.  Taking action may include really small steps, just take action regardless.
  • Do not judge anyone and how they are handling their life situations, just as you would not want someone to judge you. We all react differently, we all have different support systems, we all are on this journey together – BE KIND.
  • Access books, podcasts, websites, webinars, counsellors, etc that provide you with direction and guidance. Many of these resources are “FREE”!
  • You may find that some of the people who want to support you have the same or similar issue facing them. You may also find that you are offering support to another person.  You may just find that as you support and encourage this other person, that you have found the way to effectively handle your own challenge.  Yes, life can work in miraculous and magical ways.
  • PS – hugs work wonders!


Some challenges are very serious and require the expertise of trained professionals.  Please ensure that you reach out and get the support you need in a timely manner.  They are there to help you!


I thank you in advance for sharing this article and I hope that something I have mentioned helps you or someone you care about. 


As always…..together in the journey,



What you need to know about the “bounce concept”.

We met some new friends on July 4!  It’s exciting to meet new people, discover common interests, learn about each other’s story and share in the moment of “now”.  I cannot say this often enough……….we truly have more in common with each other than we realize.
Jim was with the group of us that evening to share in the festivities.  What an amazing person and what a beautiful opportunity to meet him.  Jim is a Korean War veteran and one of the most fascinating people we have ever met.  Our evening progressed with lively conversation, which included laughter, stories, listening, emotion and a promise to reconnect again. 
One of the things Jim said that evening resonated with me.  He said “we like young people because they put a ‘bounce’ in our step”.  Well, first of all, thank you for referring to us as “young”!  The cool thing Jim is that you actually put a bounce in our step and we thank you for that.
But really think about what he said and the opportunity that this brings.  Who has impacted you with their presence, their words, their spirit and energy?  Who has put a bounce in your step?  It may be someone you know well or someone who briefly crossed your path.  And consider the possibility that you have to change someone else’s moment, day or life by reaching out in kindness and compassion.  You have within yourself the ability to put a bounce in someone else’s step.  How awesome and magical!
I have been thinking for the past 5 days about the “bounce” concept and all that it represents.  It makes me smile.  It makes me happy.  And it makes me super grateful.  Let’s do this!!
Cheers to you Jim!


Doing Good + Being Kind = POWERFUL.

We make such a huge difference in each other’s lives – more than we realize.  We are that powerful.  We really do have “super powers” in this regard……I hope I have your attention now!


“Do good.  Be Kind.”  These two phrases speak loudly to me.  To be very transparent and clear, I am not living my days with a perma-grin on my face, or leaping around sprinkling glitter all over (although this is on my “one day to-do list”)!  I go through ups and downs, face challenges, jump hurdles, stumble over some hurdles, wonder “why” and “why not” – I’m sure you can relate.  But WOW, have I realized the power within me to change my own moment, day, outlook and life. 


We each have the ability to tap into and realize our own power and we can use that gift to not only change our own experiences but to make a difference in the lives of others.  The ripple effect goes further than we can reasonably comprehend. 


In a world where many of us are buried in technology, stressed, searching for meaning or fulfillment, feeling alone, feeling lost or insecure – these two concepts can make a HUGE difference.  “Do good.  Be kind.”  It changes everything.  Here are a few suggestions:
  • C.A.R.E. (Celebrate, Appreciate, Respect, Encourage) for yourself and others. You can find a list of ideas at
  • Make amends, make peace with your past so you can fully experience the “here and now”
  • Reach out to family and friends for your own support or to be of support
  • Reach out to family and friends to connect or to reconnect
  • Do not judge, be open – we all have different stories and support systems.
  • Notice people – people are really needing to just be “seen”
  • Acknowledge people in a positive way
  • Be brave, be “you” – let your own unique light SHINE!!
  • The things we say and the things we don’t say equally make an impact on people. Think about this one please! 
  • Speak your truth
  • Be confident
  • Smile!  This simple act can make a huge difference to another person.  We do not always know what someone else is going through.
  • Trust yourself
  • It is never too late to change your attitude, your focus, to learn, to grow, to evolve…. the possibilities are endless.  Trust me on this one!
  • Sprinkle glitter for extra awesomeness (and let me know how that goes!)
On a closing note, here is one of my favourite quotes from the movie, The Wizard of Oz:

           You had the power all along, my dear” – Glinda the Good Witch 


Here’s to our “super-powers” and a good kind of change…..for everyone!