Behind the scenes photo shoot – preview of what will be available soon!

At long last my friends…….it’s been a long time coming but I will soon be taking pre-orders for merchandise.  Many of you have been waiting patiently and I thank each one of you soooo much!


I would like to share some behind the scenes pictures of a recent photo shoot we did in Oahu.  Special thanks to the lovely models who helped me and to the friendly Pipeline Lifeguard Crew who welcomed us to take pictures!




My initial product line will include expression shirts, journals, note cards and framed prints.  These products will be available in the store on my website.  Fun and inspirational messaging on the products, awesome and meaningful gifts for you or for someone else!  Feeling excited, feeling grate(full)…..


Together in good kinda changes,






A new word – FOR YOU!

New word alert! 

These are the types of things that wake me up in the middle of the night.  Hence, my reference in a previous post (That Person is Someone – March 24, 2015) about having my journal nearby to capture these “thoughts passing through”.


Every one of us needs encouragement, to be noticed and to receive some kind (not to mention newly invented) words to keep us feeling great about ourselves and life and the all the interesting stuff that comes our way. 


So in the spirit of appreciation and acknowledgment, check this out.  Combining awesome and someone creates a really powerful and fun word:



 We all have challenges, fears, regrets and frustration at some point in our lives.  But we also have opportunity, hope and the power of choice.   We have more in common with each other than we tend to realize.  Be mindful of how you treat (and what you say to) that someone you see today – yourself included!


And from me to you, in case you don’t hear it often enough……



Together in a good kind of change,


In case you don't hear it often enough #awesomeone #awesome #someone (2)