I’m doing IT. Are you doing IT?

Over 2 weeks into the a new year of  infinite possibilities for everyone.


I’m not much of a “New Year’s Resolution” person.  I find it easier to follow the habit of learning, improving and leading a purposeful and inspired life on a regular basis.  Be a better person than I was yesterday or at least try my best to!


I’m doing IT.  I’m doing IT more than I did last year, more than I did last week, and more than I did yesterday.


IT = C.A.R.E.


I C.A.R.E. for myself and I C.A.R.E. for others.  Practicing this, even one small thing per day can make a HUGE difference in many ways:  self-esteem, growth of personal character, health, wellness, building relationships, seeing & experiencing the world differently, empathy, happiness level, motivation, healing, internal peace and compassion.


  • C – Celebrate
  • A – Appreciate
  • R – Respect
  • E – Encourage


Look after yourself, care for yourself……….then you will be able to more effectively care for others.   This is a perfect time in the world to start really noticing other people (whether you know them or you don’t) and showing them that we care.  DO good.  BE kind.  It doesn’t need to be complicated.  Just believe and know that the world will be a better and happier place because we C.A.R.E.


There is a link on my website (www.goodandkindcompany.com) of  some Ways to C.A.R.E.  Let me know the awesome ways that you C.A.R.E. for yourself and others – I would love to hear your suggestions!


In friendship & partnership,



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