Have more.  With less.

Have more. With less.

Have more.  With less.  This simple change will simply change you!


Let’s talk about the “s” word……Stuff!


This is a popular topic these days.  All of our “stuff”.  The things that are clamouring for our attention – the stuff we have and the stuff that we want to have.  This includes our “big things” and our “little things”.


Small changes related to our “stuff” can make a huge difference in how we experience life.  Some ideas: 

  • Is your purchase a need or a want?
  • Can you donate some of your clothing or other possessions to a person or family in need, to charity, to a thrift store?
  • Can you sell some of your things that you no longer use (or serve you!) and then use that money for an experience you have always wanted?
  • Can you pack away some of your stuff for a specified time period? Try that and give yourself 6 months to a year and take note if you missed any of it.  Yes – by all means keep it.  No – time to let it go.


Here are some free and awesome gifts that you can “have more” of in your life by simply “having less”:

  • Freedom
  • Space
  • Clarity
  • Release/healing
  • Time
  • Focus
  • Inner peace
  • Happiness
  • Gratitude


Here’s to small, simple and good kind of changes!


In friendship,



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