Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving.

We hear it.  We read it.  We say it.  We write it.  But do we “live it”?  Do we “live it” in our day to day practices?  Or just when there is so much awareness surrounding this day?

Happy Thanks-giving.  This is really significant and very powerful.

Today, whether you are together with family and friends sharing in a meal or celebrating in another way, I hope you take the time to be grateful, appreciative and thankful for something in your life.  And I hope that you “give thanks” for something in your life every day, no matter how insignificant it might seem.  Incorporate this practice into your regular daily routine and watch the “magic” happen!  

I give thanks for the family and friends who are in my life, for the people who have crossed my path and for those who I have yet to meet.

Wishing each of you a lifetime of “giving thanks”………..the “happy” comes naturally from that.  I promise!

In friendship & gratitude,


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