C.A.R.E. Cards


I developed the C.A.R.E. Cards as a tool to revive faith in humanity!  They are a great way to “notice” another person, to let them know they are “seen”, to acknowledge another person whether they may be rockin’ awesome/struggling/going above and beyond/hurting/trying their best/working hard/believing/giving/doing/ donating/volunteering/grieving/standing still/over achieving/over extending/over acting/looking for you.  Many, many people just want to know that they are seen – I want us to slow down and actually “see” other people.  I firmly believe that there will be a noticeable ripple effect from using these cards.  The bonus is that the result or effect will be equally experienced whether you give or receive a C.A.R.E. card.  The word “C.A.R.E.” is very significant as it will be used as an acronym for the following:


There are more people who are depressed, angry, sad, frustrated, impatient, “busy”, rushed, unhappy, unfulfilled and stressed out than ever before.  You know it; you can “feel” it – it’s there.  We have become human “doings” rather than human “beings”.  What I do know if that we really need to change things up and shift both our thinking and our behaviour.  A small shift is to pay attention to what you think, what you say and what you do.  All 3 of these shifts impact us as well as others.  More than we realize.

Judgements of other people can get us into a lot of trouble because we tend to believe them.  We want to share our judgements and the accompanying “story” we have created with others for validation and support that they are true.  Do we ever know another person’s story or journey?  We are each a product of 100’s of others who have crossed our paths and affected us with their words and/or their actions.  Just think about the impact and influence you can have on another person – someone you don’t even know.  People are craving “just to be noticed”, for someone to “be nice to them”, to smile at them, to say something positive, to give them hope with an act of kindness. 


We need to “C.A.R.E.” – all of us.  We need to do this for ourselves and also for others.  Ensure that you look after yourself and your own wellness – that you “C.A.R.E.” for yourself.  Click here for some great suggestions.  Then, go out and “C.A.R.E.” for others.  There are no rules on breaking down barriers and creating change in the world except the ones we make up.  Use the cards; hand them out with our without a written message inside.  Just start and “notice” people – all people.  The by-product of “C.A.R.E.” will be what most of us ultimately want………and that’s HAPPINESS.  It is my deepest hope that the impact of this action will provide hope to people who are just craving to be noticed.

On the home page of my website, there is a section titled “1,000,000 Shades of Awesome”.  Whether you gave or received a C.A.R.E. card (or if you are just curious), I encourage you to check out this section.  “1,000,000 Shades of Awesome” will be where you can easily and quickly enter your experience of either giving or receiving of a C.A.R.E. Card.  All entries will be linked to a global map which will visually show how far-reaching this revolution is.  What a beautiful sight it will be to see the ripple effect in this way and to know that there is infinite hope to lift spirits and create positive change.

Want to know what else is cool?

1 person’s entry = 1 “Shade of Awesome”

Goal = 1,000,000 entries or “1,000,000 Shades of Awesome”

WOW – we can do this.  Please take a small step.  Reviving faith in humanity can happen because of you!

Together in the journey,
Founder & Enthusiast
A Good & Kind Company

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