A Good & Kind Company

I gave wings to my vision and started A Good & Kind Company in 2013.  Wooohooo!  A huge leap of faith; proudly created with incredible passion and belief.


These are both exciting and challenging times in not only our own lives but in the world.  It is very easy to be distracted by the negativity and chaos that is surrounding us, and a lot of times “within” us.  Yikes.  But we can make a choice to experience our lives differently.  We have that power, we have that “super-power”, we have that “magical super-power” (put on your red cape at this point) and here is the best part……it’s free.  We can make the choice to live our lives, as much as possible with optimism and gratitude.  When we do that, hope appears.  Kindness shines.  Love flows.  Possibility knocks.  Goodness shows.  And Happiness rocks!!!

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You matter my friend and you absolutely make a difference.  Being “incredibly you” means there are special gifts that only you have to offer the world.  So in case you don’t hear it enough, that’s how totally awesome you are!   I want to help you realize that.  I want you to know that.  I want you to care for and love yourself.  I want you to share your “goodness” with the world.  Because that’s when awesome things happen….for everyone.


We are each made up of hundreds of others who have crossed our path and affected us with their actions and words.  What sort of “human footprint” are you leaving on others?  Together, let’s encourage action and create positive change.  Let’s impact lives (including our own) and heal the world with hope, peace, kindness, love, laughter, happiness and possibility.  Start small, start big, just start from where you are and start today.  What you do will have a positive effect on someone else’s life – guaranteed.  That’s something worth celebrating!


My first project involves the C.A.R.E. Cards that I designed and the “1,000,000 Shades of Awesome” movement.  Click below to see how you can be a part of a “feel good” movement:

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