The opportunity of a “detour”….

Quite often…..a detour, wrong turn, alternate route or unplanned journey can provide the greatest experience.  Take it as an opportunity to change the way you think about these situations.  “Detours” can lead us down “roads” we never would have traveled otherwise and may very well be the best part of your “trip”.  Try to pay attention to the road “signs” you see along the way and allow yourself to be filled with wonder and hope.

Likewise, quite often a challenge provides us with a chance to rethink, reflect, heal, redo, recreate, reconnect.  You can change your path.  Know that you can rise above, you can do it well and you are so deserving of that gift.  By doing so, you give others the permission to do the same.  Then everyone benefits, including you!

And suddenly, those “detours” are easier to navigate…..


In friendship & gratitude,



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