Join us October 29 in Penticton, BC for a Psych-K Funshop!!

For anyone in the southern BC, Canada area, I would love for you to join my friend Jeanni and me on Saturday, October 29 in Penticton for a day of learning, healing and fun!


We will be presenting a Psych-K funshop at the beautiful Leir House at 220 Manor Park Avenue from 10 am to 4 pm.  Together, we will discover a simple and easy process to identify our limiting beliefs, move past what has been holding us back and give life changing results.  How can it get any better than living our best lives NOW……despite who we are, where we are or what has brought us to our current situation.  You can live the life you dream of NOW.   Psych-K principles can help and we are so grateful, excited and blessed to be able to share this with YOU.


Psych K Oct 29 Social Media (7)


Please call either Jeanni or me for more information or to register.


We are truly looking forward to to having YOU join us, there is no better time than now!


Together in good changes,


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