Every day, each one of us has the “power” to positively impact another person by sharing our own unique awesomeness.

Go out there and do good & be kind.

Someone is waiting for you to do exactly that!


Be Awesome #awesome #great (2)

In friendship,


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Hello…..it’s love, I’m here inside.
Prelude:  I am sending a special shout-out of awesome to the uber-talented Adele (and her team) for her amazing song and catchy tune.  These words came to me “just like that” while listening to her current hit “Hello” on a flight from Denver back to Canada……. I recently attended and had the privilege of being […]
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Happy Friday to everyone out there in this great world!  Here is a special “C.A.R.E. Package” for you: CELEBRATE:  Become powerful by realizing your strengths and celebrating your awesome successes, however small you may “think” they are. APPRECIATE:  Appreciate what you have, how far you have come, the lessons you have learned and the challenges you […]
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What do we have in common….
Do you ever meet someone and say to yourself……….I have nothing in common with this person.  We are totally different.  And you’ve no doubt heard that we should surround ourselves with like-minded people.  I’m all for that concept and it’s helped me immensely in personal development.  But I have also purposefully challenged myself to think […]
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