Today is all about “the love”.   Major cool hey?

A special day to celebrate love, express your love, buy and give things to show you love, feel the love, and most importantly I hope, BE THE LOVE.

Some of us may be celebrating with a significant other, some of us not. Some of us are truly in love, some of us love the idea of love.  And yet some of us feel unloved, incapable of love, or scared of love.

Here’s some breaking news and a little spin on this day of LOVE:

Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to begin loving yourself.  Loving yourself is the first step in transitioning to a blissful state where you will be ready to love another.  To love all people.  Loving yourself blazes down that overgrown, dark trail and at the end of the path, gifts you with acceptance, peace and happiness.   You are worthy.  You matter.  And you make a difference……to the world and to someone else.  It all starts with loving yourself, caring for yourself and being kind to yourself.   You are here and now for a reason and you are certainly a gift!

BE THE LOVE and be at peace with that.  Then, go on out there and share the love.  And watch the “magic” happen!

I wish you true joy & happiness,



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